Local Art Walk

Ed Coonce

I am a storyteller/writer and painter. I work in mixed media, producing pieces that are somewhat 3d on the surface. I use a variety of techniques and materials to produce the works. My first art exhibit was at the Joan Ankrum Gallery in Hollywood in 1981. I have participated in the Oceanside Art Walk; this past November I organized and finished a public collaborative painting, which I will feature at my next hanging. I believe that the creative spark never leaves us.

I enjoy the theatre, and am lucky enough to be a part of Theatre Arts West. I hope to have another screenplay finished within the next few months. I was lucky enough to have a short film, "Sheep and Wolf," in the 2012 Oceanside International Film Festival. I am a poet, and perform regularly with Full Moon Poets, New Poetic Brew, and the Ruckus at the Duck.

Check out more at the artist website edcoonce.com.

Oceanside High School Arts Program

Oceanside High School Students from Ms. Raznick’s and Ms. Ward’s art classes are creating a portfolio of artwork based on their thoughtful investigations and individual interests of a specific theme.

OHS 2D Students

Peyton Barney
Kevin Ortega
Soleil Hernandez
Jacinto Alvarez
Brooke Arnott
Jennifer Sanchez
Marlene Estrada
Jacob Left Hand
Miguel Figueroa

OHS 3D Students

Lindsey Gleason
Mackenzie Bell
Alejandra Soria Barroso
Teddy Barone
Jahquiara Hinton
Leilani Moreno Lomeli

Catherine Clancy

Catherine Clancy was born in Detroit, MI. After hitting a plateau, Catherine put her art supplies away for ten years. Her daughter's whimsical drawings reignited her desire to make art. Since picking up a paintbrush two years ago, the act of painting brings much joy and a meditative peace into her life. She studied at the Art Students' League of Denver, Studio 2nd Street, and Watts Atelier. Catherine currently lives and works in Carlsbad, California with her husband, daughter, two cats, and fish.

Cameron Canales

After growing up in Lemon Grove, CA, Cameron Canales moved to Fallbrook, CA in 2008 when he began to immerse himself in the arts and quickly began freelancing, mostly for commercial screen printing projects. During this time Cameron was attending Palomar College studying psychology, with hopes to eventually move into art therapy when he was offered a position at the Safari Park as a caricaturist. He also worked at Legoland, CA before opening his own caricature concession. Currently Cameron is running his own caricature stand below the Oceanside Pier on the strand as well as providing caricature entertainment for private parties and corporate events of all sorts. Although not currently in school, Cameron uses his downtime to study psychology and develop his body of artwork which can be seen at the Art Hatch gallery, formerly known as the Distinction Gallery in Escondido. He loves to work in many mediums and styles as he feels that only the proper medium will accurately communicate the message behind the piece.

Come see the variety in his work every second Saturday from 6-10 at Art Hatch in Escondido.

Kathleen Ossiander

I am a local Artist. I enlisted in the Army another lifetime ago and it was there that I learned to draw and paint. After 17yrs of boots and rucksacks I left to go back to school for a degree in Health Science. I put down my brushes and pens and began my career in the Dental Field. Now my life and family have brought us to Oceanside and it is here that I have rekindled my passion for Art. Today I am taking classes with Charlotte Collosia at the Art Beat in Vista.

The " What's in your head?" series is something I have been working on. I enjoy illustrating with watercolor and ink. The abstract ocean scenes are using a mono print style, using water colors.

Krista Timberlake

I hail from Western Massachusetts, where I grew up in a family and community of artists and craftspeople & developed my love of nature & the outdoors. After attending UVM for premed & Savannah College of Art & Design, I earned my BFA from UMASS, Amherst. Bicycling for 25+ years has created a love and addiction that have contributed many ideas and themes to my art. As an avid cyclist, yogini, hiker, weightlifter, fitness enthusiast & former premed student, I have a great appreciation for the body as a machine. As a general outdoorswoman & lover of nature, I have always been drawn to depict animals in addition to people, especially in a whimsical manner. Artistically, I have always found beauty in well-crafted machinery, as well as in the human figure & most living things found in nature. In creating mechanical & more naturalistic pieces, I am intrigued by line, texture and color, and am most drawn to using watercolor as it is unpredictable. The most interesting things happen in my work when “mistakes” occur- unplanned reactions that I will never be able to duplicate. I currently live in Vista, work as a graphic designer at The Upper Deck Company & freelance as a graphic & web designer and fine artist.

Check out more at the artist website kristatimberlake.com

Donn Angel Pérez López

As an artist and architect I work compositions that integrate natural landscapes, architectural perceived surroundings and elements that radiate livelihood and emotional vitality. Artistically compromised and architecturally charged, the art represents a resilient energy that exists in constant flux - The art is tectonic, thorny and visually alive. I find inspiration in the textures and languages of daily life, Christianity, nature, music and from human interaction.

Check out more at the artist website ONIRIC Art at sitiosdesign.com

Patricia Sablak Korzec

Patricia Sablak Korzec has been an active member of the Southern California arts community for the past 15 years serving as Chairperson of the Riverside Cultural Consortium, and Moreno Valley Arts Commission. She is a currently Executive Director of the March Field Air Museum was the former director of the Riverside County Philharmonic and KidZone. As a working Plein Air artist she opens her painting studio in the People’s Gallery in Riverside during the city’s monthly ArtsWalk.

Patricia is also an associate member of Women Painters West, a member of the Brandon Gallery in Fallbrook and the Fallbrook Art Association. Her paintings have won numerous awards at the Del Mar Fair and other competitions in southern California.

Patricia has always had an interest in creating illusions and interesting spaces. She began her artistic endeavors at an early age, creating images of exotic places she read about in books. Utilizing her experiences in her lifetime of travel she enjoys creating visual imagery with lavish fabrics, bold colors and interesting objects of art. Her painting style is often referred to as Expressionist in nature, full of bold brushstrokes and fearless use of color.

Noreen Ring

It is my intention to design works that reflect an “other-world” feeling with a sense of universality. Earth, mountains, rocks, flowers, the sky, the stars, moons – things that we know exist with certainty but aren’t sure of the details and how they might fit together somewhere else, on another earthly plane. When I design, it is important for me to consider how comfortable existence would be in these worlds that endlessly reveal themselves.


Brandon Gallery – Director
Fallbrook Art Association – Scholarship Chair
Dorland Mountain Art Colony – Board Member / Associate Artist
Oceanside Museum of Art – Art Assist Member
SAQA Member
Ramona Art Association
Corona Art Association

Theatre Arts West


Unleash your creative during the November 7th Oceanside Art Walk at Theatre Arts West’s community art project – located at Seaside Flowers, 212-C (Artist Alley) where you’ll be able to paint a piece of material that will become part of a work of art that will be gifted to the City on behalf of Oceanside Art Walk. Children, teens, and adults welcome. This triptych is an example of community art created in Temecula.


  • Creating new plays that are inspired by the work of local visual artists and musicians with the intent of taking these new productions to New York
  • Using the work of area artists in theatrical productions to further the success of local artists
  • Creating opportunities for area artists to make a living through set design, costume design, lighting design and sound design
  • Providing playwrights and actors labs to develop new works by Southern California writers
  • Producing theatre of a professional caliber which will draw audiences from around the country and develop our area as a cultural tourist destination
  • Offering Educational and Outreach Programs for adults, teens, and children in both the performing and visual arts including programs for at-risk youth and those suffering from physical and mental difficulties

To learn more about Theatre Arts West or to become involved go to www.theatreartswest.org

Virginia Cole

Virginia loves work that is suggestive and ambiguous; work that encourages the imagination of the viewer and prefers to leave interpretation of her work open.

She usually begins a work without a preconceived concept and is led by instinct as she works. This willingness to be led is part of what makes her pieces so visually compelling. She is fascinated by the creative process; her art is ever-changing and evolving based upon inspiration she gains from a wide range of sources.

Virginia works with a variety of mixed water media materials on canvas, wood panels, and watercolor paper. She uses acrylic paint, collage (hand painted tissue papers, found papers, rice papers, printed text), ink, pastels, watercolor pencils, and often uses sandpaper to get unique, richly-textured effects.

In addition to being a member of the Brandon Gallery, she is also a Signature Member of the San Diego Watercolor Society, a member of the Escondido Arts Partnership, and The Fallbrook Art Center Artist’s Guild.

Robert Pendleton

Robert Pendleton is a photographer and digital artist from La Jolla California. “Luminosity Hacker” is the title of his montage of enhanced digital photographs being projected this evening onto the Oceanside Museum of Art.

His technique of limiting image manipulation to discrete ranges of luminosity extends the dynamic range of digital photography revealing hidden details, and when applied to simple architectural features creates augmented, and at times ambiguous perception of depth.

November 2014

cover art by Donn Angel Pérez López Curated by Gailee Walker Wells and Brigid Parsons

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photos by Brigid Parsons

Click here to see profiles of many of the artists.

Here are the artists and venues that participated in the November 2014 First Friday: Oceanside Art Walk!



Artists and Events



704 Pier View Way (760) 435-3720

  • Artist Alliance featuring Robert Pendleton (photography)
  • Carley Woods: community art project
  • free exhibitions: Quilt National; Notes to Our Sons and Daughters: My Sisters Keeper; Neil Shigley: Invisible People



330 N Coast Hwy (760) 435-5600

  • inside: Mira Costa College Students (photography)
  • outside: Glassless Minds Spoken Word & images from Oceanside High Students



212-C Artist Alley (760) 722-5602

Theatre Arts West - Creative Community Art project



212-D Artist Alley (760) 917-6666

  • Lunchtime Print-House Zines by Brookes Reeder
  • Jaimie Muehlhausen (music)



212-E Artist Alley (858) 344-8619

Myles McGuinness (photography)



212-F Artist Alley (323) 336-5606

The Snot Nose Art Collective



206-A N Coast Hwy (in Artist Alley) (858) 361-9640

Anita Lewis (paintings)



217 N Coast Hwy (760) 433-8900

Ellen Dieter, Julia C R Gray, Diana Carey and Cathie Joy Young (paintings)



701 Mission Ave (760) 754-451



605 1/2 Mission Ave (760) 547-1550

Rebecca Payne (paintings)



609 Mission Ave (760) 845-8711



602 Mission Ave (800) 840-2464



713 Mission Ave #B (760) 488-6885

Oceanside High School Arts Program: Peyton Barney, Kevin Ortega, Soleil Hernandez, Jacinto Alvarez, BrookeArnott, Jennifer Sanchez, Marlene Estrada, Jacob Left Hand, Miguel Figueroa (paintings); Lindsey Gleason, Mackenzie Bell, Alejandra Soria Barroso, Teddy Barone, Jahquiara Hinton, Leilani Moreno Lomeli (sculpture)


 last minute cancellation



711 Mission Ave (760) 637-2222

Donn Angel Pérez López (paintings)



307 N Coast Hwy (760) 722-3052

Christine VH Schaffer (multimedia)



804 Pier View Way #10 (760) 517-9112



305 N Nevada St (760) 722-4786

Historical photos featuring Oceanside High School (photography)

Carley Woods

Carley Woods is a senior at Classical Academy High School in Escondido, CA. Her focus is art and she will continue this field of study in college. Carley enjoys both oil and acrylic painting as well as drawing. She is also part of her High School’s water polo and swim team.

Carley approached the Education Department at Oceanside Museum of Art to help fulfill her senior project, a community undertaking in her field of study.

Be sure to visit Carley on the terrace at Oceanside Museum of Art and stay tuned for future projects! Past projects include: acrylic painting demonstration with fellow students; helping participants cut and design their own snow flakes using special wax paper; an art board for participants to creatively display their New Year’s resolutions; oil painting on mirror where participants took a selfie; creating a group mandala.

Alicia Mutlu

For as long as I can remember I've been drawing or making something everyday. I am a seventeen year old girl and I am a self taught artist. I plan on going to college to further pursuit a career in the animation field.

I have always tried to make new art like something that will elicit a response of awe.

I draw or paint in anything that's around.

I make what ever I'm thinking about or what ever my hand spits out.
I would like to pursue animation because I would be able to draw everyday and work will be pleasant. I don't want to end up hating my job and hating my life like every other bitter suburban scum.
I think it would be nice to be a self-sufficient artist and live my life doing what I love every day.

I can't think of anything better.

"Young local up and coming artist with a very beautiful and edgy style."
- Heather Pilapil

- A girl looking over my shoulder while I was drawing

"You're going places"
-My Mom

Alicia is part of the Snot Nose Art Collective.

Holly Freiberg

I've spent years painting and drawing, but have just recently begun to display my art in galleries and at various art walks. I hope to gain new artistic experiences and meet other enthusiastic artists by participating in more events like this one.

Holly is part of the Snot Nose Art Collective.

Gina Cannella

I love to paint demons with daggers, curvy cutthroat cuties, killer kaiju, fast food fiends, malevolent Martians, badass baby dolls, good lookin’ ghosts, wicked witches and pissed off pets. Anything that’s fun and can be alliterated. ♥ ♥ ♥

Check out more on Instagram @baby_baphomet

Gina is part of the Snot Nose Art Collective

Christine VH Schaffer

My mission is to create a whimsical world filled with the wonder of nature in the modern day world, using mixed media. I look to build small worlds and creatures with found objects, paper, markers, and paint . Always seeking my Muse in a whimsical way, I have found inspiration in human invention and nature. Intrigued by the paradox of both belonging to nature and humanity's desire to manipulate nature, I have sought to create a balance between these two worlds, the one in which creativity and invention lies. All the while, in search of a Modern-Day Muse. Natural beauty and machine coexisting in the creation of something with both the whimsy of the natural world while containing it all in a box, it's own little world. Throughout my art career I have played with the idea of perceptions in nature and the role of humanity within nature. I would describe my art as whimsically creepy.