A native of eastern Pennsylvania, Brigid studied Civil Engineering and Architecture, then worked designing and building roads and bridges in Georgia for a few years before moving to San Diego.  Changing course, she had various roles and over a dozen years in at a financial services firm before deciding to change course again.

The next few years involved Feng Shui, green interior design and real estate staging before focusing on her lifelong love of photography.

This guy started it all, a grade school graduation gift

This guy started it all, a grade school graduation gift

Brigid has also supported a number of different projects in the Oceanside arts community over the past 10 years, including Oceanside Art Walk, Oceanside Museum of Art (OMA), the North County Arts Network (NCAN) and is a member of the Oceanside Arts Commission.

She has certifications in Green Design (LEED AP) and Feng Shui as well as degrees in Digital Photography (AA, Mira Costa College), Civil Engineering (BS, Carnegie Mellon University) and Technology Management (MBA, University of Phoenix).

Support for the local community through volunteering is important to Brigid, and 10% of all profit goes to charitable causes.  In addition, sustainability is a motivating factor in all operational decisions and selection of vendors.

I lay my head, On down pillows and bare earth To make ready future days, And rise with the World Wherever I find myself.

- Dan Yentz, December 2003