Local Art Walk

Virginia Cole

Virginia loves work that is suggestive and ambiguous; work that encourages the imagination of the viewer and prefers to leave interpretation of her work open.

She usually begins a work without a preconceived concept and is led by instinct as she works. This willingness to be led is part of what makes her pieces so visually compelling. She is fascinated by the creative process; her art is ever-changing and evolving based upon inspiration she gains from a wide range of sources.

Virginia works with a variety of mixed water media materials on canvas, wood panels, and watercolor paper. She uses acrylic paint, collage (hand painted tissue papers, found papers, rice papers, printed text), ink, pastels, watercolor pencils, and often uses sandpaper to get unique, richly-textured effects.

In addition to being a member of the Brandon Gallery, she is also a Signature Member of the San Diego Watercolor Society, a member of the Escondido Arts Partnership, and The Fallbrook Art Center Artist’s Guild.