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Cory Patterson

Cory Patterson is a photographer at heart, who is absolutely and completely enthusiastic about his work. He lives in Ca. and thrives in capturing the artistic beauty of life and landscapes, and also brilliantly photographs high-fashion. Shooting 35mm, medium format and digital, he certainly has the knack for taking a perfect picture. 

Practicing photography for 16 years, Cory is always brainstorming and dreaming of what’s next. He does not compromise his ability to get the best shot. The camera is his tool and he wants nothing more than to capture life-as-it-happens photographs that are more than pleasing to the eye, but also fiercely expressive, creative, sublime.

Feel free to contact him for booking info at corypattersonphoto@gmail.com

Check out more on the artist website corypphotography.com, Facebook Cory Patterson Photography and Instagram @corypatterson

Ann Patterson

Photographic art of North San Diego County

I create postcards, note cards, greeting cards, calendars, prints and canvas prints of beautiful North San Diego County. I am a regular at the Oceanside Days of Art, and the Carlsbad Street Fair. You can find my product at Little Louie's, in Oceanside, and Linda's Gift, in Carlsbad. I am a California native, and I moved to Oceanside in 1966. After a 17-year stint in Colorado, I moved back home in 2007, and never looked back. I LOVE sharing my home through my photography.

Check out more on the artist website and Facebook North Coast Images.

Cici Porter Groupé

I create art that celebrates the wild rhythms, luscious colors, and endless forms of nature. Her beauty and unbridled generosity are my inspiration and joy. I want to share my vision from the heart of Pacha Mama with a world that sorely needs to rest in her dignity, dance in her mystery and contemplate the majesty of all her creation!

I studied art in college and then flew off to Alaska to paint, play guitar, and write songs by a mountain stream. With art as a personal companion, I followed her music into a career that ultimately led to Southern California, regional touring and national music awards. Now I've turned my focus back to painting in a studio on Palomar Mountain, outside of San Diego. My work expresses the joy I feel at being back in the arms of Mother Nature with a paintbrush in hand.

Check out more on the artist website ciciporter.com, Facebook cici.groupe, and Instagram @theolcecil.

Robert Piser

Robert Piser was born in Milford, Connecticut in 1952. Raised in the San Fernando Valley, Piser was profoundly influenced by postwar middle class Americana and the burgeoning Pop Art movement. Piser’s earliest works were primarily realistic portrayals in colored pencil, watercolor and gouache, although he soon moved to creating “Sculptural Paintings.”

Piser developed “Sculptural Paintings” at California College of Arts and Crafts (later California College of the Arts). Required to study sculpture yet resisting tradition, his response was to paint three-dimensional volumes.

In the 1970s, Piser created his street-based art gallery, “The Daily Palette”, a collection of newspaper vending machines installed outside art venues around the San Francisco Bay Area. The machines were supplied weekly with silk-screened prints, which sold for 25 cents, or, as Piser put it, "Significant art works at popular prices." According to art blogger Matthew LeClair, “The idea of the vending machine as an alternative art gallery began in the 1970s with Robert Piser's Daily Palette.” LeClair writes, “Piser's work was significantly different from the Fluxus artists. The Fluxus artists vended work by single artists inside a gallery. For Piser, the vending machine was the gallery, selling work by a variety of artists in locations not typically associated with art, such as on street corners.”

According to Piser:

I was a young art student and was frustrated with the straight / closed gallery scene in the bay area and was just looking for a way to show my work and it was a cool way to do it. I was part of the bay area underground music and art scene of the late 70's and 80's. The Ant Farm, Survival Research Laboratories, Flipper, Dead Kennedy's, Cramps, etc. I taught lithography and silkscreen printing at Berkeley and was part of a group of alternative printers and artists who were involved with the "mail art" movement. (The Mac and email weren't designed yet). The machines were $55 and I had 8 of them at one time. The cost of the operation wasn't close to the money I got back at 25 cents a piece, but a quarter seemed like the best price someone would actually let go of at the time, besides, it wasn't the point really. It was the cheapest gallery in the world. People liked the concept and I showed all kinds of people's work, (too many), and people mostly stole more than they paid for. The UC Berkeley police actually confiscated some machines as they said they were on university property and I had to bail out the machines and I had a show accordingly at UC Berkeley art museum. Too many stories...I ran it for about 6 years...

Piser also studied art at Otis Art Institute and San Francisco Art Institute, and fine art lithography at U.C. Berkeley. Piser actively participated in the vibrant San Francisco/East Bay underground art scene, appearing in gallery and group shows, and co-founded the East Bay “Mail Art” movement.

Piser’s years of experience as an industrial printer fostered a deep appreciation of the art and science of fine art printing. During the pre-digital heyday of San Francisco Bay Area printing, he worked with notable printing houses (e.g., Foster & Kleiser, Mike Roberts Postcards, World Litho Co., etc.), creating everything from post cards and posters to billboards.

Dana Diane Patterson

I enjoy capturing not only the astonishingly beautiful physical world we inhabit, but digitally editing those images to share the mood that drew me to the scene. I love the color, movement, contrast, and fantasy elements of ordinary objects and telling a story with my artwork.

My childhood memories involve making a camera out of a shoebox and black electrical tape, wondering what my dad was up to in his closet darkroom, and driving into the desert at all hours of the morning or night to take photographs. I started taking digital photographs as references for all the paintings I wanted to make. I would never be able to paint them all or ever perfect my technique enough to do it, but thought I would share some of these images with everyone.

Ana Phelps

"Capturing Stillness with my Camera"

Exploring the moment through Photography became my adventure in life. It has taken me around corners, around countries and around the world. Photography is an amazing medium to evoque feelings and emotions. Adding it to the Natural Beauty of our Planet is my responsibility as a photographer. I adore technology and will use all means to document these precious moments of life in the best way I can, hoping to honor all that is revolving around us...people, places, our planet. Each unique moment is a possibility and some times when all is alined, I make my best photograph. I invite you to take your time and enjoy some Photography.

Check out more on Facebook Ana-Phelps-Photography, Instagram @anaphelps and the artist website anaphelpsphotography.com

Cat Chiu Phillips

I utilize found materials and create displaced juxtapositions. This may include unusual mediums including recycled objects (plastic grocery bags), counterfeit designer bags, and other recovered items. I'm interested in the effects and evidence of post-colonialism, militarism, consumerism, the immigration experience and its process of assimilation and acculturation. Often I investigate stereotypes, the exploited, and the effects of history to today's contemporary culture.

Cat Chiu Phillips has exhibited through California including the Torrance Art Museum, Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach, Pico House Gallery in Los Angeles, Centro Cultural de la Raza in San Diego, and Thoreau Center for Sustainability Gallery in San Francisco. She also has several public art commissions in Southern California including for City of Vista and City of Solana Beach. She received her Masters of Fine Arts from the San Francisco Art Institute. Cat Chiu Phillips was born in Manila, Philippines, raised in Toronto, Canada, and lives and works in San Diego, California.

Check out more on the artist website catchiuphillips.com.

Pharaohs Cape

We want people to like good music

We are a local sandiego two-piece band with two full albums as well as a strong experience playing live shows in the san diego area with great success for each show. Currently we consist of a drummer and guitar player with vocals switching between us two for a doo-wop styled sound.

Check out more on Bandcamp  Pharaohs Cape

Donn Angel Pérez López

As an artist and architect I work compositions that integrate natural landscapes, architectural perceived surroundings and elements that radiate livelihood and emotional vitality. Artistically compromised and architecturally charged, the art represents a resilient energy that exists in constant flux - The art is tectonic, thorny and visually alive. I find inspiration in the textures and languages of daily life, Christianity, nature, music and from human interaction.

Check out more at the artist website ONIRIC Art at sitiosdesign.com

Robert Pendleton

Robert Pendleton is a photographer and digital artist from La Jolla California. “Luminosity Hacker” is the title of his montage of enhanced digital photographs being projected this evening onto the Oceanside Museum of Art.

His technique of limiting image manipulation to discrete ranges of luminosity extends the dynamic range of digital photography revealing hidden details, and when applied to simple architectural features creates augmented, and at times ambiguous perception of depth.

Matthew Perez

Matt "Obscure" Perez sculpts, customizes designer toys, and designs for his and his brothers' company, Angry Koala Gear, a pop culture website.  As a child, his father brought comics home for he an his older brother, to pass on the love he had for comics during his childhood.

As a teen, Matt used his immature artistic talents with grafitti in the South Bay Area of Los Angeles.  His passion for art for art actually began in Iraq, while serving on his second deployment in 2008.  Matt bought a sketchbook, in which he would draw grafitti and other dark and humorous images, whenever and wherever he would find the inspiration.  It served as his personal release from the stress and danger during his day-to-day in Iraq.

When Matt came back home, he bought a DIY, designer vinyl art toy and made his very first custom.  His experience creating this piece grew into a profound devotion, which became his reason for joining in the pop culture journey with his brothers.  His time with Angry Koala Gear eventually led to him creating his own designer toys and taking on independent projects.  Matt has since worked on many projects, such as exhibiting work at conventions, including San Diego Comic Con, judging at an art toy contest, and participating in many group exhibitions, taking place around the country and in Australia.