Local Art Walk

Cici Porter Groupé

I create art that celebrates the wild rhythms, luscious colors, and endless forms of nature. Her beauty and unbridled generosity are my inspiration and joy. I want to share my vision from the heart of Pacha Mama with a world that sorely needs to rest in her dignity, dance in her mystery and contemplate the majesty of all her creation!

I studied art in college and then flew off to Alaska to paint, play guitar, and write songs by a mountain stream. With art as a personal companion, I followed her music into a career that ultimately led to Southern California, regional touring and national music awards. Now I've turned my focus back to painting in a studio on Palomar Mountain, outside of San Diego. My work expresses the joy I feel at being back in the arms of Mother Nature with a paintbrush in hand.

Check out more on the artist website ciciporter.com, Facebook cici.groupe, and Instagram @theolcecil.