Local Art Walk

Cory Patterson

Cory Patterson is a photographer at heart, who is absolutely and completely enthusiastic about his work. He lives in Ca. and thrives in capturing the artistic beauty of life and landscapes, and also brilliantly photographs high-fashion. Shooting 35mm, medium format and digital, he certainly has the knack for taking a perfect picture. 

Practicing photography for 16 years, Cory is always brainstorming and dreaming of what’s next. He does not compromise his ability to get the best shot. The camera is his tool and he wants nothing more than to capture life-as-it-happens photographs that are more than pleasing to the eye, but also fiercely expressive, creative, sublime.

Feel free to contact him for booking info at corypattersonphoto@gmail.com

Check out more on the artist website corypphotography.com, Facebook Cory Patterson Photography and Instagram @corypatterson

April 2016: April Foolishness


cover art by Laura Cunningham Curated by Cynthia Melfi

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photos by Brigid Parsons

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Below are the venues that participated in First Friday: Oceanside Art Walk for April 2016 - April Foolishness



Artists and Events



704 Pier View Way (760) 435-3720

  • Artist Alliance : Jeannie Marshall Ortiz (sculpture), Sequoia Redbird (painting)
  • Foodies by Sonia - It's a fun sweet night, with cupcakes, cake pops, rum balls and more!
  • 1960's crafts to celebrate our Club O event that will be on Saturday, April 2! Make a macrame choker or a love bead necklace or color in some 60s themed coloring books. It will be groovy!
  • free exhibitions: Marjorie Nodelman: San Diego Artist ; Bill Rastetter: Street Art Reinterpreted ; Deanne Sabeck: Luminous ; Laddie John Dill: Light Sentences And Light Traps ; Robin Bright/Tom Driscoll: A Dual Retrospective



330 N Coast Hwy (760) 435-5600



217 N Coast Hwy (760) 433-8900

  • inside: Lisa Bebi, interpretations of  The Elephant Man (paintings)
  • outside: El Camino High School (live music)



205 N Coast Hwy (760) 439-2274

Laura Cunningham (mixed media)



212 N Coast Hwy

Scott Bruckner, Blake Kern, Mark Jesinoski, Kurt Lightfoot, Michael Rosenblatt, Ruth Jameson (paintings, multi media)



212-C Artist Alley (760) 722-5602



212-D Artist Alley

Stephen M Jackson (paintings)



212-E Artist Alley

Myles McGuinness (photography)



212-F Artist Alley



501 Mission Ave (760) 966-7436



605 Mission Ave (858) 994-0506

surfboard art



605 Mission Ave (858) 994-0506

Joe Vickers (graphic works)



701 Mission Ave (760) 754-451



711 Mission Ave (760) 637-2222



713 Mission Ave (760) 453-7072

Joe Vickers

My name is Joe, and I am a surfer and artist here in Southern California.

I was born and raised in Florida, where my love for the ocean first began. As a kid, I spent my free time surfing, fishing, diving… anything that brought me near the water. I also loved drawing, and was constantly experimenting with different styles. When I later moved to California, the Pacific Coast inspired me to join my passions of ocean and art. I have since developed my own surf art style, using mixed media to create unique combinations of lines and color.

Currently, I live in Orange County with my wife, daughters and puppy. I feel incredibly lucky to be sharing my art with you.

Check out more on the artist website JoeVickersArt.com, Instagram @joevickersart.

Angela Moriarity

Angela Moriarity is a self-taught photojournalist and artist from Southern California. She developed a love for capturing moments in time with any camera she could get her hands on as she traveled around the United States. Angela was the resident photographer for the world renowned burlesque stars Michelle L'amour and The Chicago Starlets in Chicago, IL from 2013 – 2015. In 2014, she completed an internship with Lisa Predko Photography, a Chicago-based studio photographer focusing on conceptual, portraits and commercial work. Angela's photographs have been represented in Sensual Chicago's 2014 and 2015 exhibition shows. When she’s not behind the camera, Angela is in front of blank spaces, creating custom chalkboard art for a major food retailer, weddings, baby showers and other special events. Angela has an AA in Liberal Arts from Saddleback College.

Check out more on the artist website, Facebook Angela Moriarity Photography and Instagram @angela_moriarity

Todd C Hummel

The beauty of the ocean is unsurpassed. Majestic colors, mesmerizing movement, and captivating sights all thrive below the surface and create a sense of peace and intrigue. It is an honor to be able to capture this dreamlike world and share it with others.

Todd Hummel is an advanced certified diver who has visited some of the world's top dive destinations, including Indonesia, the Great Barrier Reef, Cozumel, Cayman Islands, Hawaiian Islands, Aruba and many other treasured locations throughout the Caribbean.

Susan Owens

I collect stone on Oceanside beaches and hand shape, grind, sand and polish surfboard pendants and miniatures. I also use the polished stones to make wire pendants and necklaces etc,

My theme is "The Hidden Beauty of Southern California" It is all inspired by local lifestyles as I have been a resident of Oceanside for at lest 12 years.

Blake Kern

“I begin with an idea or sense of where I want to go, and by the end of the process I often find myself somewhere unexpected. The piece just takes on a life of its own. I know when the piece is complete because it just feels right.” My goal is to not only evoke an emotional response, but to tell a story.

Blake Kern, an Oceanside resident who has lived in North County since 1975. Married for nearly 43 years, she has two adult children, and two grandchildren. Blake is a retired educator and is enjoying her new found time exploring her personal creativity. Blake has found her niche in collage and mixed media work, whether it be on canvas, in a box, or a book. Blake enjoys writing poetry, which becomes the story behind the art in her sometimes rather dark and mysterious books. Creating altered books and altar boxes is a way for her to focus on a particular theme and develop the layers of texture and 3-D effect that is not obtainable with canvas or paper.

School of Rock - Oceanside CA

We believe the best way to learn music is to play music. We take students from the lesson room to the stage, developing both their confidence and musicianship with programs designed for all skill levels.

School of Rock teaches guitar, bass, vocals, keyboards, drums and combines weekly private music lessons and group band rehearsals to prepare students to take the stage in front of live audiences in an authentic concert setting.

Check out more on their website oceanside.schoolofrock.com

4095 Oceanside Blvd Suite F
Oceanside, California 92056
(760) 734-1529

Firelight Ladies

Amalia is originally from Chicago,IL and moved to beautiful Oceanside one year ago. Amalia brought with her a deep passion for flow art which is a type of interpretive dance using various props and dancing styles. It all started at a young age when she participated in many different forms of dance and baton twirling. Amalia got her hands on some fire poi when she was 18. After being active in the Chicago music scene she evolved into a fire performer by the time she was 21. Unlike many physical arts, learning flow arts (poi, fans, hoops) does not usually involve formal education. A strong sense of community and self-teaching are key elements of modern flow art. She found herself performing for music festivals and clubs in Chicago along the way she keeps adding to her list of props to dance with. Fire is the passion element and Amalia has a passion for dancing with fire. Being new to Southern California she is determined to start a fire flow performing group. She's currently reaching out to the San Diego flow community looking for others to perform with. During the the day you can find Amalia working at Apotheque spa where she does hair and teaches a fitness Hula-Hoop class in the spring and summer.

Kelly Halloran

Kelly Halloran is a singer-songwriter, who started writing songs in 2006.

She believes in the power of music as a universal language. Her style is countryesque and can have a kick of jazz, sass, pop, rock, whatever is needed to serve the song.

She has performed as a solo artist and with her band Sequin in the Sky. She has performed at Carlsbad Flower Fields, in Oceanside at Crossroads Stagehouse, Sunshine Brooks Theatre, Star Theatre, and sang at the Oceanside Days of Art and in “That’s Amore” at the Oceanside Cultural Arts Center Valentine Fundraiser Show.

Several of her original songs have been recognized by the Song of the Year contest online. Her song, Lonely Night in Paris was a part of a compilation cd.

Kelly has 5 music videos available on YouTube, two of them were in the Oceanside International Film Festival (Boo!Koo! in 2013 and Eye of the Storm in 2014). Her music is available on iTunes (Kelly Halloran and Sequin in the Sky). Kelly has 4 music videos in progress and is currently writing her first musical, Angel Girl. Kelly has grown to love all aspects of filmmaking and stage production.

Kelly is also a Dermatology Nurse Practitioner at Oceana Dermatology in Carlsbad.

Check out more at Facebook SequinInTheSky and YouTube SequinInTheSky

Laura Cunningham

The nature of my work is rooted in my coastal upbringing. Growing up in a small Southern California beach community I am inspired by the colors and moods of the ocean. Using photographs that I have taken along the California coast I define my work as Mixed Media: combining enhanced photography with my graphic design skills and incorporating sewing, painting and wood work to complete a piece that creates a harmony with all of these elements.

My studio in Encinitas, California is filled with high tech equipment as well as paint brushes, sewing machine, table saw, and an array of tools for any task.

Each of my unique photographs is hand stretched after being printed onto canvas and embellished with sewing and framed from bits of yardsticks and other odd pieces of scrap wood. The finished piece is tagged with an ocean inspired quote. My work is available in a variety of sizes ranging from 36"x36" square to 10"x40" horizontal as well as smaller sizes.

Check out more at the artist website LRCunningham.com.

Ruth Jameson

A lasting love affair with the images of Henry Moore, and Rodin are my guiding truth. Both sculptors had their own unique genre, and both were true unto their inner drummer.

Finding Bronze was my doorway to the visions always there in my heart. The strength of bronze gave birth to forms and connected them to the silver strands that drift down through time which become blended into my own visions of time and human awareness. The Sea is the underlying web that holds this world of desires together, and the bronze makes it possible.

Check out more on the artist website ruthjameson.com

Mark Jesinoski

Mark Jesinoski is a native of Minnesota and has lived in San Diego since August, 2008. Mark relocated to San Diego to complete his doctoral residency in Clinical Psychology at the University of San Diego, followed by Post-­‐ Doctoral rotations at SDSU and UCSD respectively. Mark is a self-­‐taught artist and from the moment he arrived in San Diego became highly active in the local arts community, getting his start painting live at underground art events thanks to Johnny Tran of Thumbprint Gallery. Mark has been involved in many local gallery shows, most notably as a featured solo artist with Pulse Gallery in 2012. Over the course of his tenure in San Diego Mark has steadily nurtured his career as a painter while continuing to be an activist in the local arts community, as well as building a focused area of study in the area of trauma, taking a special interest in combat trauma and the effect of war on our culture over the past ten years. Mark is currently working as a full-­‐time artist and is living with his wife and baby girl in Oceanside.

Check out more on the artist website jesart.com, Facebook JesinoskiArts , Twitter ArtSpeaksNow

Oceanside Museum of Art Artist Alliance

The Artist Alliance is a membership affiliate group dedicated to the support of the Oceanside Museum of Art. It provides opportunities for interaction, visibility and growth for artists in the region.

For more info, check out the website.

The Artist Alliance appears monthly on the patio of the Oceanside Museum of Art

The Center for the Arts at TERI, Inc

The Center for the Arts at TERI, Inc in Oceanside CA opened its studio doors in 2007. The Art Studios provide a space for artists with autism and other developmental disabilities to collaborate, experiment with sensation, personal expression and to connect to you, as audience. The work is expressive and often collaborative; thus giving the opportunity of participation to people of diverse abilities. The greater body of work is in acrylics on various platforms, but includes creation in collage, mosaic, and mixed media.