Local Art Walk

Mark Jesinoski

Mark Jesinoski is a native of Minnesota and has lived in San Diego since August, 2008. Mark relocated to San Diego to complete his doctoral residency in Clinical Psychology at the University of San Diego, followed by Post-­‐ Doctoral rotations at SDSU and UCSD respectively. Mark is a self-­‐taught artist and from the moment he arrived in San Diego became highly active in the local arts community, getting his start painting live at underground art events thanks to Johnny Tran of Thumbprint Gallery. Mark has been involved in many local gallery shows, most notably as a featured solo artist with Pulse Gallery in 2012. Over the course of his tenure in San Diego Mark has steadily nurtured his career as a painter while continuing to be an activist in the local arts community, as well as building a focused area of study in the area of trauma, taking a special interest in combat trauma and the effect of war on our culture over the past ten years. Mark is currently working as a full-­‐time artist and is living with his wife and baby girl in Oceanside.

Check out more on the artist website jesart.com, Facebook JesinoskiArts , Twitter ArtSpeaksNow