Local Art Walk

Tom Wade

Photography is about documenting the world around you. We make pictures to help others see things differently. People tend to naturally overlook the obvious. But there are real stories in those moments. Surf photography brings people closer to the ocean. It helps others pay more attention. Seeing things with their heart. Focusing on detail. Drawing us closer into the now. 

Photographs must connect us emotionally. They need to generate ideas about beauty. I photograph the surf because it is healing and continuous. The ebb and flow of life. Draining us away, rising above the challenge, I am inspired by ocean moments because being near it is the greatest thing. My goal is to make surf photographs with intention. And hopefully inspire others to do the same.

August 2015: ARTiversary


cover art by Josh Spieker Curated by Gailee Walker Wells

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Here are the venues that participated in First Friday: Oceanside Art Walk for August 2015 – ARTiversary.



Artists and Events



305 N Nevada St (760) 722-4786

  • Historical photos
  • Underwater video of the Oceanside Pier showing the remnants of early piers



704 Pier View Way (760) 435-3720



330 N Coast Hwy (760) 435-5600



402 N Coast Hwy (760) 721-9983

Steve Wallace (photography)



last minute cancellation



307 N Coast Hwy (760) 722-3052

Krista Wrista and the Snot Nose Art Collective (painting)



217 N Coast Hwy (760) 433-8900

A retrospective of past artists



205 N Coast Hwy (760) 439-2274



212-C Artist Alley (760) 722-5602



212-D Artist Alley (760) 917-6666

Kathyrn Nova Solo exhibition - Smoke and Gold



212-E Artist Alley (858) 344-8619

Myles McGuinness (photography)



206-A N Coast Hwy (in Artist Alley) (858) 361-9640

Anita Lewis (paintings)



605 Mission Ave (858) 994-0506

Cory Whitlock (surfboards) plus meet local surfboard shapers and builders in the back parking lot



605 1/2 Mission Ave (760) 547-1550

Robin Spalding (photography)



609 Mission Ave (760) 845-8711

  • Paul Uglow (recycled surf board art)
  • Andrew Mullen (photography)



701 Mission Ave (760) 754-451



705 Mission Ave

Ed Coonce – Community Collage Creation (live interactive art)



711 Mission Ave (760) 637-2222



105 S Coast Hwy (760) 721-4434

Derek Curtis, aka The Love Guy (sculpture)



115 S Coast Hwy (760) 846-0162

Wesley White (paintings)

Wesley White

Most people may find the art of WESLEY WHITE inspiring or too loud. But whatever your opinion, you must admit that it pops.

An Oceanside artist (b. 1986) via Laguna Beach, Calif.—the work of WHITE is recognizable for its wacky candy-like colors and “cute” subculture marked by POP art fetish, hip-hop, and street inspiration. Original pieces feature playful imagery like oversized eyes, cartoon Technicolor and contemporary characters marked by dark humor.

WHITE began honing his skills of sculpture and woodwork as a teen, but didn’t take up painting till his early 20s. Original pieces utilize acrylic and molding putty—drawing inspiration from leading edge artists Banksy and Tyler Warren. His travels to Spain, Ibiza and Costa Rica impacted his graffiti obsession. In his own words “My art is fun and LOUD with lots of bright colors. I love to make people smile and laugh, baby!”

Popular works include his Wu-Kitty, Spew (a spitting rainbow), and Jerry (Homer Simpson lookalike unicorn). Current collection on exhibit at BANANA DANG! is a retrospective of works from the past 10 years. When he is not in the ocean or walking his dog, WHITE can be found in his Oside studio painting to audible backdrops of Joy Division, the Smiths and Nicki Minaj.

Pavan and Rita Gupta

Pavan and Rita Gupta have been traveling all over India since 2006, recording and capturing the mages in places like Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Kerala, Delhi, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Sikkim. Significant numbers of these images have become rare since the ground realities have changed.

Our Exhibitions are titled EHSAAS - A Visual Movement. Ehsaas means Realization or Feeling. In the current context, this visual movement is to make the people realize that what we see today may not be available tomorrow. India is changing like the rest of the world but the change in India is destroying the very culture of this ancient civilization.

Check out more at the artist website pavanandritagupta.com.

Blake Kern

“I begin with an idea or sense of where I want to go, and by the end of the process I often find myself somewhere unexpected. The piece just takes on a life of its own. I know when the piece is complete because it just feels right.” My goal is to not only evoke an emotional response, but to tell a story.

Blake Kern, an Oceanside resident who has lived in North County since 1975. Married for nearly 43 years, she has two adult children, and two grandchildren. Blake is a retired educator and is enjoying her new found time exploring her personal creativity. Blake has found her niche in collage and mixed media work, whether it be on canvas, in a box, or a book. Blake enjoys writing poetry, which becomes the story behind the art in her sometimes rather dark and mysterious books. Creating altered books and altar boxes is a way for her to focus on a particular theme and develop the layers of texture and 3-D effect that is not obtainable with canvas or paper.

Cory Whitlock

I am always looking to find ways to share my love of surfing and surfboard making. My father Rusty Whitlock has been a professional surfboard shaper since 1963. He taught me how to surf and I went on to have a professional surfing career in the 90's. My younger brother Ricky has also had a professional surfing career and is now moving toward big wave surfing. In 1997 to further spread our family's love of surfing we started "The Whitlock Surf Experience" a surfing school that is dedicated to bringing our love of surfing to as many people as possible. Every year we teach hundreds of families how to surf and show them the art of surfboard making.

Josh Spieker

I am an oil painter capturing the simple things in life that inspire me most. My passion for art is driven by the fact that I can communicate in a way that's universal to all. I choose to paint scenes that are peaceful and colorful. My art is inspired by light, and is the key element that makes the painting come alive.

School of Rock - Oceanside CA

We believe the best way to learn music is to play music. We take students from the lesson room to the stage, developing both their confidence and musicianship with programs designed for all skill levels.

School of Rock teaches guitar, bass, vocals, keyboards, drums and combines weekly private music lessons and group band rehearsals to prepare students to take the stage in front of live audiences in an authentic concert setting.

Check out more on their website oceanside.schoolofrock.com

4095 Oceanside Blvd Suite F
Oceanside, California 92056
(760) 734-1529

Paul Kauffman

To paraphrase the Sinatra hit, “He’s been a barker, a teacher, a designer, an artist and almost a priest …. That’s Life….”
….Paul Kauffman’s life at any rate!

Paul was born in Berkeley, CA. and grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles. Grandson of a carnival owner, he started selling amusement ride tickets at the age of thirteen and travelled with the carnival during summer vacations for the next six years.

He studied six years (high school and two years of College) for the Priesthood in the archdiocese of Los Angeles. He attended Gonzaga University in Spokane Washington his junior year and transferred his senior year to continue his education as an Art Major in 1972 at Loyola Marymount in Los Angeles, CA. As a way to pay for his room, board and tuition, Paul waited tables at the world famous restaurant, The Warehouse, in Marina Del Rey.

After his studies at Loyola Marymount University, he went on to teach both Art and English to Jr. High School students in the Los Angeles Parochial School System for 8 years He was also the Substitute Art Instructor for Adult Education for the City of Los Angeles School District. He has conducted Painting Workshops in San Diego County and Las Cruces, New Mexico.

A career shift in 1981 launched Kauffman from the art world to floral design, when he purchased Silver Bells Florist, (This was later renamed Kauffman Designs). For the last 33 years, Paul has been a well sought-after Event Designer for several major functions all over Southern California area. He has designed for many of San Diego’s Celebrity / non- profit Gala Fundraisers.

Now coming full circle, he is once again rekindling his passion for painting. All of his life experiences are finding new expression in the colors and energetic brush strokes seen on his canvasses. It is his ardent desire to give back, in the form of lasting images, the joy and fulfillment that began for him the first time he touched brush to palette and pigment to canvas.

Robin Spalding

Robin Spalding earned a Fine Art Degree in Photography from University of North Florida in 2005. She found her passion in the photography genre of conceptual art.

Robin creates surreal and conceptual photography art using compositing techniques and editing them in a way to give an almost painterly feel. She draws inspiration mainly from her emotions, experiences, and moods. Favorite songs that she responds to on a deeply personal and emotional level sometimes become muses to her photos. She shoots mostly self-portraits and even when using models sees the images as a reflection of herself. “I am fascinated by this theme of things hiding underneath the surface. That things aren’t always what it seems. I am a bright and bubbly person normally when I am not worrying, yet I am fascinated by dark things, decaying matter, monsters in the shadows. I attempt to get these issues I am dealing with in my head out. So I can study them and understand myself, so I can show others who I am. In a way, my images could be considered my journal entries. Journal entries of an innocent girl wandering in a labyrinth of lost and lonely things but who is drawn to what’s lurking behind everything.” There is an undercurrent of hope in some of the images. That things might work out in the end. “I may be wondering a strange, dark land but I kinda like it here.” She feels finding ways to illustrate and express the thoughts, worlds and emotions in her head is truly an amazing experience.

I use conceptual photography to explore themes of infertility, depression and anxiety to help make sense and express what i am going through. I also use photography to create worlds of daydreams both light and dark, fairytales, and worlds unseen.

Check out more on Instagram @robinspalding, Facebook robinspaldingart, Behance robinspalding and the artist website robinspaldingart.com.

Firelight Ladies

Amalia is originally from Chicago,IL and moved to beautiful Oceanside one year ago. Amalia brought with her a deep passion for flow art which is a type of interpretive dance using various props and dancing styles. It all started at a young age when she participated in many different forms of dance and baton twirling. Amalia got her hands on some fire poi when she was 18. After being active in the Chicago music scene she evolved into a fire performer by the time she was 21. Unlike many physical arts, learning flow arts (poi, fans, hoops) does not usually involve formal education. A strong sense of community and self-teaching are key elements of modern flow art. She found herself performing for music festivals and clubs in Chicago along the way she keeps adding to her list of props to dance with. Fire is the passion element and Amalia has a passion for dancing with fire. Being new to Southern California she is determined to start a fire flow performing group. She's currently reaching out to the San Diego flow community looking for others to perform with. During the the day you can find Amalia working at Apotheque spa where she does hair and teaches a fitness Hula-Hoop class in the spring and summer.

Kelly Halloran

Kelly Halloran is a singer-songwriter, who started writing songs in 2006.

She believes in the power of music as a universal language. Her style is countryesque and can have a kick of jazz, sass, pop, rock, whatever is needed to serve the song.

She has performed as a solo artist and with her band Sequin in the Sky. She has performed at Carlsbad Flower Fields, in Oceanside at Crossroads Stagehouse, Sunshine Brooks Theatre, Star Theatre, and sang at the Oceanside Days of Art and in “That’s Amore” at the Oceanside Cultural Arts Center Valentine Fundraiser Show.

Several of her original songs have been recognized by the Song of the Year contest online. Her song, Lonely Night in Paris was a part of a compilation cd.

Kelly has 5 music videos available on YouTube, two of them were in the Oceanside International Film Festival (Boo!Koo! in 2013 and Eye of the Storm in 2014). Her music is available on iTunes (Kelly Halloran and Sequin in the Sky). Kelly has 4 music videos in progress and is currently writing her first musical, Angel Girl. Kelly has grown to love all aspects of filmmaking and stage production.

Kelly is also a Dermatology Nurse Practitioner at Oceana Dermatology in Carlsbad.

Check out more at Facebook SequinInTheSky and YouTube SequinInTheSky

Denise Nguyen

Adhering to the traditional aesthetics of Ikebana, the art of Japanese flower arrangement, my arrangements express simplicity and beauty. Combining seasonal blossoms and foliage with negative space creates a sense of tranquility and air flow. In wanting to create my own vases in which to display my Ikebana arrangements, I began to develop my skills in pottery. My handmade vases give an arrangement a personal, unique look. My studio is where I escape to find zen time to practice Ikebana or work on new pieces of pottery. Most of my work features a distinctly Asian element in either its construction or images. In particular, I am inspired by my culture, heritage, and the beauty of flora and fauna. My pottery is meant to be functional as well as artistic, as each piece is safe for dishwasher, microwave and oven, and uses lead-free glazes.

Ed Coonce

I am a storyteller/writer and painter. I work in mixed media, producing pieces that are somewhat 3d on the surface. I use a variety of techniques and materials to produce the works. My first art exhibit was at the Joan Ankrum Gallery in Hollywood in 1981. I have participated in the Oceanside Art Walk; this past November I organized and finished a public collaborative painting, which I will feature at my next hanging. I believe that the creative spark never leaves us.

I enjoy the theatre, and am lucky enough to be a part of Theatre Arts West. I hope to have another screenplay finished within the next few months. I was lucky enough to have a short film, "Sheep and Wolf," in the 2012 Oceanside International Film Festival. I am a poet, and perform regularly with Full Moon Poets, New Poetic Brew, and the Ruckus at the Duck.

Check out more at the artist website edcoonce.com.

Carley Woods

Carley Woods is a senior at Classical Academy High School in Escondido, CA. Her focus is art and she will continue this field of study in college. Carley enjoys both oil and acrylic painting as well as drawing. She is also part of her High School’s water polo and swim team.

Carley approached the Education Department at Oceanside Museum of Art to help fulfill her senior project, a community undertaking in her field of study.

Be sure to visit Carley on the terrace at Oceanside Museum of Art and stay tuned for future projects! Past projects include: acrylic painting demonstration with fellow students; helping participants cut and design their own snow flakes using special wax paper; an art board for participants to creatively display their New Year’s resolutions; oil painting on mirror where participants took a selfie; creating a group mandala.