Local Art Walk

Wesley White

Most people may find the art of WESLEY WHITE inspiring or too loud. But whatever your opinion, you must admit that it pops.

An Oceanside artist (b. 1986) via Laguna Beach, Calif.—the work of WHITE is recognizable for its wacky candy-like colors and “cute” subculture marked by POP art fetish, hip-hop, and street inspiration. Original pieces feature playful imagery like oversized eyes, cartoon Technicolor and contemporary characters marked by dark humor.

WHITE began honing his skills of sculpture and woodwork as a teen, but didn’t take up painting till his early 20s. Original pieces utilize acrylic and molding putty—drawing inspiration from leading edge artists Banksy and Tyler Warren. His travels to Spain, Ibiza and Costa Rica impacted his graffiti obsession. In his own words “My art is fun and LOUD with lots of bright colors. I love to make people smile and laugh, baby!”

Popular works include his Wu-Kitty, Spew (a spitting rainbow), and Jerry (Homer Simpson lookalike unicorn). Current collection on exhibit at BANANA DANG! is a retrospective of works from the past 10 years. When he is not in the ocean or walking his dog, WHITE can be found in his Oside studio painting to audible backdrops of Joy Division, the Smiths and Nicki Minaj.