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Robin Spalding

Robin Spalding earned a Fine Art Degree in Photography from University of North Florida in 2005. She found her passion in the photography genre of conceptual art.

Robin creates surreal and conceptual photography art using compositing techniques and editing them in a way to give an almost painterly feel. She draws inspiration mainly from her emotions, experiences, and moods. Favorite songs that she responds to on a deeply personal and emotional level sometimes become muses to her photos. She shoots mostly self-portraits and even when using models sees the images as a reflection of herself. “I am fascinated by this theme of things hiding underneath the surface. That things aren’t always what it seems. I am a bright and bubbly person normally when I am not worrying, yet I am fascinated by dark things, decaying matter, monsters in the shadows. I attempt to get these issues I am dealing with in my head out. So I can study them and understand myself, so I can show others who I am. In a way, my images could be considered my journal entries. Journal entries of an innocent girl wandering in a labyrinth of lost and lonely things but who is drawn to what’s lurking behind everything.” There is an undercurrent of hope in some of the images. That things might work out in the end. “I may be wondering a strange, dark land but I kinda like it here.” She feels finding ways to illustrate and express the thoughts, worlds and emotions in her head is truly an amazing experience.

I use conceptual photography to explore themes of infertility, depression and anxiety to help make sense and express what i am going through. I also use photography to create worlds of daydreams both light and dark, fairytales, and worlds unseen.

Check out more on Instagram @robinspalding, Facebook robinspaldingart, Behance robinspalding and the artist website robinspaldingart.com.