Local Art Walk

Chris Myers

I have always though of art as a hobby growing up and never really had a desire to show it off to large crowds before, but after going to the art walk, I feel motivated to start off in Oceanside and see how my talent can be perceived by others. I have lived in Oceanside since the early 2000's, before that it was Carlsbad and before that, it Cape Elizabeth, Maine. I sure miss the east coast, but they had no beaches to really go to. I like forests and landscapes.

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Angela Moriarity

Angela Moriarity is a self-taught photojournalist and artist from Southern California. She developed a love for capturing moments in time with any camera she could get her hands on as she traveled around the United States. Angela was the resident photographer for the world renowned burlesque stars Michelle L'amour and The Chicago Starlets in Chicago, IL from 2013 – 2015. In 2014, she completed an internship with Lisa Predko Photography, a Chicago-based studio photographer focusing on conceptual, portraits and commercial work. Angela's photographs have been represented in Sensual Chicago's 2014 and 2015 exhibition shows. When she’s not behind the camera, Angela is in front of blank spaces, creating custom chalkboard art for a major food retailer, weddings, baby showers and other special events. Angela has an AA in Liberal Arts from Saddleback College.

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Jennifer Magallon

I’ve made it my life’s mission to photograph the beauty of the natural world using photography as my medium. I’ve always had an adventurous spirit, and as a young child in Germany, I vividly remember wandering through the grassy fields that surrounded my village, traversing winding streams, climbing through tress, and just being completely enthralled by the outdoors. As I grew older and began to travel more, I developed a deeper appreciation for the many wonders this planet has to offer.

I have to admit, though, that no place has piqued my fascination more than the deserts of the Southwestern United States. As I trekked across the shifting sands of the Algodones Dunes, bouldered the many bizarre rock formations of the Alabama Hills, and walked among the beautiful Joshua Trees, I became enamored with the unique geography of this region. It was such a completely foreign environment to what I had ever experienced in Germany, that I felt an immediate and overwhelming desire to explore it. As an extension of this desire, I also felt a need to share what I saw . . . to convey to others what I encountered at that moment in time. I feel if people can connect in this way, if they become completely drawn into the image, then maybe they’ll experience the same sense of allure that I did. Maybe, they’ll also be inspired to help us preserve this amazing planet.

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Devora Maximova

I see art as an extension of the conversation we have with ourselves, nature, loved ones and strangers. As I create, I aim to communicate in all spectrums of our lives. Sometimes, it's as simple as a playful palm, sometimes more complex like a junction in your life, which you're looking to define. Currently I am having fun taking in all the green around me (perhaps because I live in a desert). It's exciting to create a relationship between a plant and a vivid geometric pop of color, while using the negative space to reinforce that tension or connection. These green beauties are under #mysortofgreenthumb, because you know, it's way harder to over water a painting.

I live in Oceanside, raising my young daughter, teaching art, painting and freelancing with graphic design. My husband, daughter and I are often exploring Oceanside, looking for new places to grab dinner and enjoying the growing craft brewing community.

Check out more on the artist website devoramaximova.com and Instagram @devora.maximova.

Jesse Moncur

My photos consist of macro shots of flowers. I try to find things you won't normally see in you every day life. I am a fourteen year old that found out he might have a talent. I have only been practicing different ways to shoot for about a month or two.

I would really like to be a part of this because I would like to show people that anyone can do things with a little practice. I hope to inspire.

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Karla Magana

I am a San Diego based artist and designer w/ a passion for the low brow art movement. My specialty is lovely ladies with a dark twist. Skulls? Cat eyeliner? Unnatural hair colors? That's me! My mediums of choice are acrylic and ink on wood, watercolor paper and recycled board.

Check out more on the artist website karlamagana.com Facebook ArtistKarlaMagana, and Instagram @karla_magana.

John Martinez

John has been a stained glass artist for more than 20 years. He also is a stained glass painter who does restoration work. Johns is constantly learning new techniques from videos and other glass artists. On larger projects he works with Don Meyers Stained Glass in Oceanside. John also creates blazingly colorful abstract works of art on canvas, which are available in a multitude of sizes and is a highly skilled custom sandblasting artist as well. His canvas art has been displayed with the Phantom Gallery in Carlsbad, CA and also as entries in the Del Mar Fair.

Check out more at the artist websitewww.johnsstainedglass.com.

Kyla Moya

Kyla Moya is a southern California visual artist specializing in intricate detailed drawings of all kinds as well as various paintings and other creative oddities, and is the founder of the Labyrinth of Kuriosity art boutique.

Bold, colorful, fantastical and intricate kreations are a signature of Kyla's artwork.

Check out more on the artist website labyrinthofkuriosity.com and Facebook LOKdesigns .

Natalie Mal

While our minds exist in a physical world, they exist in an abstract space. Human cognition enables us to communicate what’s going on inside of our brains to the outside world. Each one of us experiences different subjective experiences, which we may never completely understand since physically we can never be another person. We can only try to understand. But first, we must turn our abstract mindsets into physical manifestations, so we can communicate. I find that communicating is the most important aspect of being human, for communication can lead to understanding. By creating abstract paintings, I investigate what it means to be human in the modern day in regards to how our internal and external worlds meet. I examine how environments affect our psyche.

Check out more at the artist website nataliemal.com.

Mikaela McLeish

In her vibrant oil paintings, Mikaela McLeish contains solitary figures in psychological spaces. Combining realism with expressionistic brushstrokes, McLeish’s paint application and process of painting mirrors her struggle for control. McLeish describes her imagery as, “a façade of serenity, which upon closer inspection breaks down into chaos. The distortions of the body created through the refracted motifs represent erasure and a loss of self.” McLeish explores the in-between space of reality and dream, public and private, absence and presence; trying to understand the psychological walls set by society.

Mikaela McLeish, born in 1992 in California, is a Pilipina Irish American painter. She received her BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2014. Mikaela has exhibited in San Francisco and San Diego, including the Diego Rivera Gallery, Cell Space Gallery, San Francisco Art Institute Courtyard Gallery, and Gotthelf Art Gallery pop-up show.

Mikaela is the recipient of the 2013 Gamblin Painting Prize, 2012 Allan Stone Painting Scholarship, San Francisco Art Institute Dean’s scholarship, Ellen Battell Stoeckel Fellowship candidate for the Art Division of the Yale Summer School of Music and Art, Davis Projects for Peace alternate candidate. McLeish lives and works in San Diego teaching Continuing Education classes at the Art Institute of California- San Diego, hosting social painting events with Paints Uncorked, and creating new work in her studio.

Check out more on the artist website mikaelamcleish.com.

Chuck McPherson

In my seventh year as a watercolorist, my artwork has garnered hundreds of awards and double Signature status with The San Diego Watercolor Society and National Watercolor Society.

During that time, I served two years as the Member Shows Director on the SDWS Board, as Third VP on the NWS Board, plus a concurrent three-year stint as Newsletter Chair on the Board of Directors for the San Diego Museum of Art Artists Guild.

Now painting full-time, I am build my reputation through a quick wit and my infamous 6" brush, flamboyantly embellishing paintings with props borrowed from large and intimate crowds... like lipstick & coffee. I recently co-founded BallastPointGallery.com offering Art Critiques, Workshops and Demos with BPG partner, Linda Mullen. I often serve as a discerning show juror.

My forte is painting live while interacting verbally with intimate or large crowds. You can follow my public appearance schedule here.

Check out more at the artist website chuckmcphersonart.com and Facebook chuck.mcpherson.39

Alicia Mutlu

For as long as I can remember I've been drawing or making something everyday. I am a seventeen year old girl and I am a self taught artist. I plan on going to college to further pursuit a career in the animation field.

I have always tried to make new art like something that will elicit a response of awe.

I draw or paint in anything that's around.

I make what ever I'm thinking about or what ever my hand spits out.
I would like to pursue animation because I would be able to draw everyday and work will be pleasant. I don't want to end up hating my job and hating my life like every other bitter suburban scum.
I think it would be nice to be a self-sufficient artist and live my life doing what I love every day.

I can't think of anything better.

"Young local up and coming artist with a very beautiful and edgy style."
- Heather Pilapil

- A girl looking over my shoulder while I was drawing

"You're going places"
-My Mom

Alicia is part of the Snot Nose Art Collective.

Rizzo Michelle

Rizzo Michelle is a 28 year old self-taught custom toy artist and sculptor based out of Oceanside, California. She's a fan of Lowbrow/Pop surrealism art and has worked in various typed of mediums but it was not until October 2013, when vending at Comikaze, where she fell in love designer toys. She currently designs and produces her own independent line of unique and imaginative custom toys and plushies. Her work is best known for her highly imaginative style and impeccable quality and detail. Rizzo is a traveling artist vending at various Comic Cons throughout the US. The Next ComicCon that she’ll be vending at is at New York ComicCon in early October.

Check out more on her website www.rizzomichelleart.com or Facebook The Art of Rizzo Michelle or Twitter @pinupchronicles or Instagram @thepinupchronicles

Myles McGuinness

He’s a waterman and cameraman, can communicate verbally and visually, and manages brand strategy as well as he does typography. He is a Creative Director whose intuition and experience allow him to break from the script but stay exactly on-strategy. A fine artist backed with facts. And a shooter whose precision focus coexists with a broad depth of field. Instead of dictating, he integrates, shifting roles to fit the project, crew, client and shot at hand. Everything else just gets in the way of the idea.

He follows a basic principle: always go the extra mile.


These images have been exhibited & published internationally in U.K., Brazil, France, Italy, Japan, Germany, Australia, U.S. and recognized by: American Advertising Federation (AAF), National Geographic, The Smithsonian,  Oceanside Museum of Art, Surfer, The California Surf Museum, Communication Arts Photo Annuals, PDN Photo Annual and a Follow the Light Finalist.

Images Represented by : Aurora Photos (US), The California Surf Museum (CA), and 6Feet and Perfect (France).

Check out more on the artist website 9mphoto.com, Facebook 9mphoto, Instagram @9mphoto, Tumblr 9mphoto.