Local Art Walk

Devora Maximova

I see art as an extension of the conversation we have with ourselves, nature, loved ones and strangers. As I create, I aim to communicate in all spectrums of our lives. Sometimes, it's as simple as a playful palm, sometimes more complex like a junction in your life, which you're looking to define. Currently I am having fun taking in all the green around me (perhaps because I live in a desert). It's exciting to create a relationship between a plant and a vivid geometric pop of color, while using the negative space to reinforce that tension or connection. These green beauties are under #mysortofgreenthumb, because you know, it's way harder to over water a painting.

I live in Oceanside, raising my young daughter, teaching art, painting and freelancing with graphic design. My husband, daughter and I are often exploring Oceanside, looking for new places to grab dinner and enjoying the growing craft brewing community.

Check out more on the artist website devoramaximova.com and Instagram @devora.maximova.