Local Art Walk

Angela Kiyono

"1,438" is a series of works that explores the idea of written memory and visual mementos. Each subject in the series was asked to pose with their personal diary or journal for an intimate photo shoot. Questions about personality, privacy, and memory arise. The subjects also priced their diaries for sale and the total dollar amount of the combined prices gave the series it's title "1,438." The diaries were exhibited with the photographs at the first showing.

There are 11 artworks in this photographic series. All are printed, matted, and framed by Angela Kiyono. The exhibit was shown in 2011 at the Guggenheim Gallery in Orange, CA. These are the only set of prints of the artworks.

"Painted Woman" explores the connection between beauty and art. Questions about self image and portrayed image arise, along with ideas regarding individuality, self esteem, and influence.

There are six artworks in this photographic series. The exhibit was initially shown in 2009 and has been kept by the artist since. These are original works with no digital copies.