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John Adrian Tomlin

I am a gamer and have been all my life. I have congenital muscular dystrophy, so I do have my limitations, but I don't let it stop me from living life to its fullest potential. With God on my side, I can get through anything. I have a B.S. in Game Art and Design with the intent on becoming a game designer, but it's very difficult to get in the gaming industry. So, I decided to write books instead. Game design is just another form of storytelling, but I could always lean on the age old tradition of writing.

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June 2016


cover art by Hollie Newton Curated by Cynthia Melfi

[slideshow_deploy id='2574'] photos by Cynthia Melfi

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Below are the venues that participated in First Friday: Oceanside Art Walk for June 2016.



Artists and Events



704 Pier View Way (760) 435-3720

  • Teeny Tiny Art fundraiser for the Education Department of OMA. Purchase 4"x6" pieces of art, some from well known artists, for only $20 for adult work, $10 for children's art
  • food trucks, beer and wine for purchase
  • Michael Striler (live music)
  • free exhibitions: Marjorie Nodelman: San Diego Artist ; Bill Rastetter: Street Art Reinterpreted ; Laddie John Dill: Light Sentences And Light Traps ; Robin Bright/Tom Driscoll: A Dual Retrospective



330 N Coast Hwy (760) 435-5600



217 N Coast Hwy (760) 433-8900

  • Artist retrospective including 11 artists with works ranging from watercolor to stone, realism to abstraction.
  • Big Boss Bubeleh featuring Yael Gamach (live music)


last minute cancellation



222 N Coast Hwy (760) 722-4950

Kellan Shanahan (drawings)



212 N Coast Hwy

  • Julia S Rasor (sculpture)
  • Mohammed Al Hamadani (mixed media)


  • Mario Torero, local, national and international master muralist will bring his “Eyes of Picasso” mural to Artist Alley. During the Art Walk, Torero will project his design onto the wall on Pier View Way/Artist Alley. Actual painting of the mural will commence at 1000 a.m. on Saturday!
  • Sunshine Deli will be serving up some culinary creations!



212-C Artist Alley (760) 722-5602

outside: Kelly Halloran (live music)



212-D Artist Alley

Stephen M Jackson (paintings)


last minute cancellation



212-F Artist Alley



501 Mission Ave (760) 966-7436

Kathleen Churchill (paintings)



605 Mission Ave (858) 994-0506

Joe Vickers (graphic works)



701 Mission Ave (760) 754-451



711 Mission Ave (760) 637-2222



713 Mission Ave (760) 453-7072

Chris Myers

I have always though of art as a hobby growing up and never really had a desire to show it off to large crowds before, but after going to the art walk, I feel motivated to start off in Oceanside and see how my talent can be perceived by others. I have lived in Oceanside since the early 2000's, before that it was Carlsbad and before that, it Cape Elizabeth, Maine. I sure miss the east coast, but they had no beaches to really go to. I like forests and landscapes.

Check out more at the artist Deviant Art website.

Hollie Newton

As a San Diego native I am currently documenting Southern CA after dark. I work with Galkyd, a form of oil paint and medium made with plant resin generally on canvas - frequently used in tandem with resin.

I'm grateful to report that my work has been in four Balboa Park shows. Each show has "sold out" completely. And, thanks to a preview of each show, every event resulted in a line of people waiting to buy my art several hours prior to the event!

In addition to making art I have taught for many years. I attended San Francisco Art Institute (BFA) in the early 90's.

Check out more at the artist website HollieNewtonArt.com and Facebook Hollie Newton.

Kathleen Churchill

I'm a self taught painter that usually paints in Acrylic paints. I call my style a "free Flow" style. I am inspired by the sea, my family, surfers and nature. I feel blessed to have this time to devote to painting from my So. "O" cottage. Each piece is a unique work of Love. 

Check out more at the artist website KHelenSeaArt.com, Instagram @KhelenSeaArt and Facebook Kathleen Churchill.

Kellan Shanahan

Drawing from a broad field of philosophy, abstract mathematics, logic, science, and myth, the works explore the underlying patterns and recursions in reality that scale throughout time and space.

My aim is to create artworks that are beautiful but not naive, critical but not ironic, and that bring metaphysics and aesthetic contemplation back into the fold of contemporary art. 

Check out more at the artist website kellanshanahan.com.

Linda DiRosa

Capturing a moment in time and preserving it for "always" is my goal. I have chosen photography and painting as a way of doing this. My hopes are that others, too, will see value, beauty and appreciation of this moment.

Check out more on the artist COAL website

Cory Patterson

Cory Patterson is a photographer at heart, who is absolutely and completely enthusiastic about his work. He lives in Ca. and thrives in capturing the artistic beauty of life and landscapes, and also brilliantly photographs high-fashion. Shooting 35mm, medium format and digital, he certainly has the knack for taking a perfect picture. 

Practicing photography for 16 years, Cory is always brainstorming and dreaming of what’s next. He does not compromise his ability to get the best shot. The camera is his tool and he wants nothing more than to capture life-as-it-happens photographs that are more than pleasing to the eye, but also fiercely expressive, creative, sublime.

Feel free to contact him for booking info at corypattersonphoto@gmail.com

Check out more on the artist website corypphotography.com, Facebook Cory Patterson Photography and Instagram @corypatterson

School of Rock - Oceanside CA

We believe the best way to learn music is to play music. We take students from the lesson room to the stage, developing both their confidence and musicianship with programs designed for all skill levels.

School of Rock teaches guitar, bass, vocals, keyboards, drums and combines weekly private music lessons and group band rehearsals to prepare students to take the stage in front of live audiences in an authentic concert setting.

Check out more on their website oceanside.schoolofrock.com

4095 Oceanside Blvd Suite F
Oceanside, California 92056
(760) 734-1529

Firelight Ladies

Amalia is originally from Chicago,IL and moved to beautiful Oceanside one year ago. Amalia brought with her a deep passion for flow art which is a type of interpretive dance using various props and dancing styles. It all started at a young age when she participated in many different forms of dance and baton twirling. Amalia got her hands on some fire poi when she was 18. After being active in the Chicago music scene she evolved into a fire performer by the time she was 21. Unlike many physical arts, learning flow arts (poi, fans, hoops) does not usually involve formal education. A strong sense of community and self-teaching are key elements of modern flow art. She found herself performing for music festivals and clubs in Chicago along the way she keeps adding to her list of props to dance with. Fire is the passion element and Amalia has a passion for dancing with fire. Being new to Southern California she is determined to start a fire flow performing group. She's currently reaching out to the San Diego flow community looking for others to perform with. During the the day you can find Amalia working at Apotheque spa where she does hair and teaches a fitness Hula-Hoop class in the spring and summer.

Kelly Halloran

Kelly Halloran is a singer-songwriter, who started writing songs in 2006.

She believes in the power of music as a universal language. Her style is countryesque and can have a kick of jazz, sass, pop, rock, whatever is needed to serve the song.

She has performed as a solo artist and with her band Sequin in the Sky. She has performed at Carlsbad Flower Fields, in Oceanside at Crossroads Stagehouse, Sunshine Brooks Theatre, Star Theatre, and sang at the Oceanside Days of Art and in “That’s Amore” at the Oceanside Cultural Arts Center Valentine Fundraiser Show.

Several of her original songs have been recognized by the Song of the Year contest online. Her song, Lonely Night in Paris was a part of a compilation cd.

Kelly has 5 music videos available on YouTube, two of them were in the Oceanside International Film Festival (Boo!Koo! in 2013 and Eye of the Storm in 2014). Her music is available on iTunes (Kelly Halloran and Sequin in the Sky). Kelly has 4 music videos in progress and is currently writing her first musical, Angel Girl. Kelly has grown to love all aspects of filmmaking and stage production.

Kelly is also a Dermatology Nurse Practitioner at Oceana Dermatology in Carlsbad.

Check out more at Facebook SequinInTheSky and YouTube SequinInTheSky

Oceanside Museum of Art Artist Alliance

The Artist Alliance is a membership affiliate group dedicated to the support of the Oceanside Museum of Art. It provides opportunities for interaction, visibility and growth for artists in the region.

For more info, check out the website.

The Artist Alliance appears monthly on the patio of the Oceanside Museum of Art

The Center for the Arts at TERI, Inc

The Center for the Arts at TERI, Inc in Oceanside CA opened its studio doors in 2007. The Art Studios provide a space for artists with autism and other developmental disabilities to collaborate, experiment with sensation, personal expression and to connect to you, as audience. The work is expressive and often collaborative; thus giving the opportunity of participation to people of diverse abilities. The greater body of work is in acrylics on various platforms, but includes creation in collage, mosaic, and mixed media.

Myles McGuinness

He’s a waterman and cameraman, can communicate verbally and visually, and manages brand strategy as well as he does typography. He is a Creative Director whose intuition and experience allow him to break from the script but stay exactly on-strategy. A fine artist backed with facts. And a shooter whose precision focus coexists with a broad depth of field. Instead of dictating, he integrates, shifting roles to fit the project, crew, client and shot at hand. Everything else just gets in the way of the idea.

He follows a basic principle: always go the extra mile.


These images have been exhibited & published internationally in U.K., Brazil, France, Italy, Japan, Germany, Australia, U.S. and recognized by: American Advertising Federation (AAF), National Geographic, The Smithsonian,  Oceanside Museum of Art, Surfer, The California Surf Museum, Communication Arts Photo Annuals, PDN Photo Annual and a Follow the Light Finalist.

Images Represented by : Aurora Photos (US), The California Surf Museum (CA), and 6Feet and Perfect (France).

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