Local Art Walk

Laura Cunningham

The nature of my work is rooted in my coastal upbringing. Growing up in a small Southern California beach community I am inspired by the colors and moods of the ocean. Using photographs that I have taken along the California coast I define my work as Mixed Media: combining enhanced photography with my graphic design skills and incorporating sewing, painting and wood work to complete a piece that creates a harmony with all of these elements.

My studio in Encinitas, California is filled with high tech equipment as well as paint brushes, sewing machine, table saw, and an array of tools for any task.

Each of my unique photographs is hand stretched after being printed onto canvas and embellished with sewing and framed from bits of yardsticks and other odd pieces of scrap wood. The finished piece is tagged with an ocean inspired quote. My work is available in a variety of sizes ranging from 36"x36" square to 10"x40" horizontal as well as smaller sizes.

Check out more at the artist website LRCunningham.com.