Local Art Walk

Matthew Perez

Matt "Obscure" Perez sculpts, customizes designer toys, and designs for his and his brothers' company, Angry Koala Gear, a pop culture website.  As a child, his father brought comics home for he an his older brother, to pass on the love he had for comics during his childhood.

As a teen, Matt used his immature artistic talents with grafitti in the South Bay Area of Los Angeles.  His passion for art for art actually began in Iraq, while serving on his second deployment in 2008.  Matt bought a sketchbook, in which he would draw grafitti and other dark and humorous images, whenever and wherever he would find the inspiration.  It served as his personal release from the stress and danger during his day-to-day in Iraq.

When Matt came back home, he bought a DIY, designer vinyl art toy and made his very first custom.  His experience creating this piece grew into a profound devotion, which became his reason for joining in the pop culture journey with his brothers.  His time with Angry Koala Gear eventually led to him creating his own designer toys and taking on independent projects.  Matt has since worked on many projects, such as exhibiting work at conventions, including San Diego Comic Con, judging at an art toy contest, and participating in many group exhibitions, taking place around the country and in Australia.