Local Art Walk

Christine VH Schaffer

My mission is to create a whimsical world filled with the wonder of nature in the modern day world, using mixed media. I look to build small worlds and creatures with found objects, paper, markers, and paint . Always seeking my Muse in a whimsical way, I have found inspiration in human invention and nature. Intrigued by the paradox of both belonging to nature and humanity's desire to manipulate nature, I have sought to create a balance between these two worlds, the one in which creativity and invention lies. All the while, in search of a Modern-Day Muse. Natural beauty and machine coexisting in the creation of something with both the whimsy of the natural world while containing it all in a box, it's own little world. Throughout my art career I have played with the idea of perceptions in nature and the role of humanity within nature. I would describe my art as whimsically creepy.