Local Art Walk

Cameron Canales

After growing up in Lemon Grove, CA, Cameron Canales moved to Fallbrook, CA in 2008 when he began to immerse himself in the arts and quickly began freelancing, mostly for commercial screen printing projects. During this time Cameron was attending Palomar College studying psychology, with hopes to eventually move into art therapy when he was offered a position at the Safari Park as a caricaturist. He also worked at Legoland, CA before opening his own caricature concession. Currently Cameron is running his own caricature stand below the Oceanside Pier on the strand as well as providing caricature entertainment for private parties and corporate events of all sorts. Although not currently in school, Cameron uses his downtime to study psychology and develop his body of artwork which can be seen at the Art Hatch gallery, formerly known as the Distinction Gallery in Escondido. He loves to work in many mediums and styles as he feels that only the proper medium will accurately communicate the message behind the piece.

Come see the variety in his work every second Saturday from 6-10 at Art Hatch in Escondido.