Local Art Walk

Krista Timberlake

I hail from Western Massachusetts, where I grew up in a family and community of artists and craftspeople & developed my love of nature & the outdoors. After attending UVM for premed & Savannah College of Art & Design, I earned my BFA from UMASS, Amherst. Bicycling for 25+ years has created a love and addiction that have contributed many ideas and themes to my art. As an avid cyclist, yogini, hiker, weightlifter, fitness enthusiast & former premed student, I have a great appreciation for the body as a machine. As a general outdoorswoman & lover of nature, I have always been drawn to depict animals in addition to people, especially in a whimsical manner. Artistically, I have always found beauty in well-crafted machinery, as well as in the human figure & most living things found in nature. In creating mechanical & more naturalistic pieces, I am intrigued by line, texture and color, and am most drawn to using watercolor as it is unpredictable. The most interesting things happen in my work when “mistakes” occur- unplanned reactions that I will never be able to duplicate. I currently live in Vista, work as a graphic designer at The Upper Deck Company & freelance as a graphic & web designer and fine artist.

Check out more at the artist website kristatimberlake.com