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Brandywine Bandits in Vegas [2016]

Steve and I drove to Las Vegas to cheer on Kristen's Brandywine Bandits in SCVA's 30th Annual Las Vegas Classic. Some videos

and pics of the volleyball action


and other sights and adventures in Las Vegas

And on the way home, Steve and I detoured through Death Valley to witness the beginning of a Super Bloom!

New Orleans with Volleyball Girls Junior Nationals [2015]

Had a nice uneventful trip, taking advantage of the United Club in SAN and LAX. Got here safely. We arrived, checked into the Lafayette Hotel and went to volleyball until 9:30pm. They beat Memphis and Salt Lake City, each in 2 games, but lost to Kansas City in 3.

This morning we went to the WWII museum - wow. I learned so much, and it was a very sobering morning.

Now at volleyball - first game of Saturday, 2:30, they beat Louisiana in 2 sets. Next is Skyline (Houston),  after working this game of Puget Sound vs Atlanta. They lost to Skyline in 3 exciting sets. So they move to the next round, ranked #3 in their pool!

Sunday, 8am against Hawaii (Oahu) - should be tough! And it was - valiant effort, but lost in 2 games. 9am vs Arizona (Phoenix). Yay! Beat them in 2 games!

Hawaii vs Arizona... If Hawaii wins, Brandywine is #2 in the pool, if Arizona wins, there is a 3 way tie, and nobody has read the manual about how that should be resolved! So we are hoping for a Hawaii win. And they did win!  So we play Arizona (Arrowhead) at 2:30.

Whooee!! They beat them in 2 games, and are in the gold medal round tomorrow!!! The original goal was to get in the bronze!


Well, they lost the Gold medal game, but they were amazing! So inspiring!!