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New Orleans with Volleyball Girls Junior Nationals [2015]

Had a nice uneventful trip, taking advantage of the United Club in SAN and LAX. Got here safely. We arrived, checked into the Lafayette Hotel and went to volleyball until 9:30pm. They beat Memphis and Salt Lake City, each in 2 games, but lost to Kansas City in 3.

This morning we went to the WWII museum - wow. I learned so much, and it was a very sobering morning.

Now at volleyball - first game of Saturday, 2:30, they beat Louisiana in 2 sets. Next is Skyline (Houston),  after working this game of Puget Sound vs Atlanta. They lost to Skyline in 3 exciting sets. So they move to the next round, ranked #3 in their pool!

Sunday, 8am against Hawaii (Oahu) - should be tough! And it was - valiant effort, but lost in 2 games. 9am vs Arizona (Phoenix). Yay! Beat them in 2 games!

Hawaii vs Arizona... If Hawaii wins, Brandywine is #2 in the pool, if Arizona wins, there is a 3 way tie, and nobody has read the manual about how that should be resolved! So we are hoping for a Hawaii win. And they did win!  So we play Arizona (Arrowhead) at 2:30.

Whooee!! They beat them in 2 games, and are in the gold medal round tomorrow!!! The original goal was to get in the bronze!


Well, they lost the Gold medal game, but they were amazing! So inspiring!!