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Meeting Springsteen [2016]

Not exactly a trip, geographically, but it was quite trippy!! Reap of my red letter Bruce Springsteen day:

  1. Got up at 2:30am, drove to LA, in line by 4:30
  2. Had great line buddies, Brad and Bradley
  3. Got initial wristband at 6:30, proving I was in the first 1100.
  4. Paid for #BornToRunTheBook and got wristband at 10:00 guaranteeing I would get a pic with Bruce (scheduled to be there 12-2, but he started just before 11:30)
  5. Got a pic and approximately 4 seconds with him (I used it to hem and haw and say 'thank you')... his jacket was soft as buttah and he called me Darlin... plus a signed copy of the book
  6. home by 4pm

If you have known me a while, you know that I am a huge fan, and was borderline obsessed with him during my formative years... if I had a bucket list, this would be on it! yay!!!