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another quick one [2000]

I'm back in Nairobi waiting for my flight to Mauritius, where I will spend tonight. And tomorrow night I'll be in Perth. Madagascar was very good - it was much harder to communicate there, since I don't speak Malagasy or French, but enough people spoke enough English for us to get ideas across. It is quite the land of disparity - such intense poverty but such intense natural resources, and my accommodations were very plush. I went hiking on the days I wasn't traveling, and it was very cool to see chameleons and lemurs in their native environment. The volume of wildlife was less than in Kenya, but hiking in the rainforest was really cool - and appropriately it rained. It took over 2 days for my boots to dry out. More on Madagascar later, as I have to catch my flight.

On the flight from Tana to Nairobi this morning, I read a copy of Financial Times from a few days ago, and I saw a little bit of CNN in Tana, so I'm starting to get reacquainted with the outside world, but very slowly. I can't believe I'll be home in a week. But between now and then, I have dolphin swimming, snowboarding and beach relaxation to accomplish!!!