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Jewelry Photography


→ wear neutral colored clothes with patterns so that you are not obvious in any reflections → when possible, use natural light instead of side lights - set up softbox outside on sunny day → if not in the sun, use 2 diffused lights on sides, one direct light from where camera is (that can move around) → use a ring lightlight from front to flatten defects → set lights at angles to heighten sparkle → colored acrylic platform - shine focused light through diffuser directly onto the acrylic to give it that soft  spotlight look → make sure background is smooth, no cracks, gaps or creases → set aperture about f/9 to capture entire piece, f/5 for close ups of specific features → if using telephoto, have it half way open


√ SLR camera √ good lens with decent zoom, suggest 16-85mm √ tripod √ softbox √ ring light and/or 'sparkler' √ acrylic or glass platforms √ opaque platform √ material for backdrop √  use dental wax or museum/prop wax to hold up pieces on a hard platform √ empty mat (from picture framing) with 2 strings of fishing line strung across (clipped), one to hang earrings the other to pull the bottom forward

Pricing averages in San Diego (2013)

∞ $25 - $40 per piece up to 10 photos ∞ $10 per piece (min 10) for simple 1-view shot

For examples, please see my website:

Blissed Baubles
Blissed Baubles