Local Art Walk

JT Rhoades

My name is JT Rhoades . I have lived in Oceanside my entire life a long with my three brothers. Our dad raised all of us himself for nineteen years; having a house full of boys was quite the adventure. We were never far from trouble and on occasion we may have received a knock on our door from local OPD.

In my eyes, surfing and skateboarding have laid the foundation for a way of life that are lived by many. Surrounded by friends everyday gives me the inspiration to continue my passion and photograph those around me. Photography became an outlet that causes me to slow down and really take in the street life around me. Through all the ups and downs in life I have experienced thus far, I often think about that fact that I could be that dude sleeping at the bus stop or alone reading under the bridge. The way I see it, the misunderstood folks I often times interact with can either keep me on the right path or pull me into a world of the unknown.