Local Art Walk

Dean LeCrone

Dean LeCrone is a cartoonist, whose talents have been utilized in comic books, calendars, t-shirts, posters, magazines, and pretty much any other format- be it paper or internet- that has provided a platform for his work.

Dean brings his cartooning skills to Oceanside's Art Walk, by offering up his "Superhero Caricatures". With pen to paper, Dean will transform Oceanside Art Walk attendees into their favorite super hero!

In his youth, Dean grew up consuming and devouring comic books (into his brain, not actually chewing and swallowing them) and was influenced by the many talented, sequential art storytellers. His influences ranged from Marvel Comics, Mad Magazine, and newspaper strips.

Dean has been an exhibitor at Comic-Con, and continues attending each year as a professional. He was also the President of the Southern California Cartoonists Society for a couple of years, and continues to be a member of that fun group.

His comic character, "Doc Smith" (everybody's favorite social outcast) is growing in popularity with the yearly release of his Doc Smith calendars. See Doc Smith at: docsmith.us. and Facebook The Real Doc Smith Page

Dean's most recent project was an animation job- providing the art and character designs for an all animated episode of the comedy web series "Betty and DD's School of Acting Arts". The episode can be seen at their website, bettyanddd.com

Dean also has a multi-media partnership with photographer and artist Allen Freeman. Together, as Slambang Media, they have teamed up on various projects and jobs ranging from comics, poster art, film, and photography.

Check out the artist websites slambangmedia.com and deanlecrone.com and Facebook dean.lecrone