Local Art Walk

Devin Castañeda

Devin Castañeda is a 20-year-old Oceanside local. Being from North County, he grew up near the ocean, and instantly became fond of it. His fondness of the water’s beauty, lead him to purchase a GoPro Hero 3. With this camera, Devin has captured thousands of ocean wave photographs. Even though he loved the ocean, he was ready to explore the world of photography by dipping into different genres.

From a GoPro Hero 3, to a Canon 40D, to a Canon 6D, Devin has expanded his playing fields from the ocean to the vast fields and streets of our county. Since purchasing his first Canon he has succeeded in dabbling in the different genres of photography including: action sports, fashion, night/ long exposure, nature, and lifestyle. Through the years his love for the art of photography has grown, and he hopes to continue to learn and develop his skill set and knowledge.

In the near future, Devin wants to develop his own website featuring a gallery of his work, as well as photographs to purchase from the site. Currently he has sold prints of the Oceanside Pier, the San Diego wild fires, and various sunset photos. With the love of the art and support of his family being his drive, he has and will continue to be the photographer to watch.