Local Art Walk

Ashley Gallagher

My name is Ashley Gallagher and I am a north county San Diego native currently residing in Carlsbad. Born in Escondido, I was raised on classic Disney movies and MTV. My obsession with pop culture and rock n' roll started at a very young age, as well as my passion for art. Using Disney princesses as models, I would draw them repeatedly, while programs such as Liquid Television and music videos would play in the background. I was never censored when it came to television, movies or music, as my parents are extremely liberal and  totally awesome, and always pushed my quest for creativity. It's probably because of my upbringing that I feel there is no room for censorship in the world of art, in whatever artistic outlet it may be! Always an inspiring artist, it was in 2002 that I enrolled at SDSU in the studio arts program. It was here that I fell in love with oil painting. I graduated from SDSU in 2007 with the guidance of wonderful professors and mentors and earned a bachelor's degree in fine arts. Oil paint is the medium I continue to use today, constantly trying to improve my technical skills and master the medium I love. Presently I am very interested in the human form and bringing song lyrics to life. Motivated by some of my favorite bands and my gorgeous friends who graciously volunteer their time to model, I am able to make my vision a reality.