Local Art Walk


Welcome to LocalArtWalk.com! We want you to be able to Wander in Wonder and see great public art wherever you go. Our starting point will be North County San Diego, specifically Oceanside. That includes not only publicly commissioned work, but interesting architecture, street art, cool graffiti, and whatever strikes us as wonderful!

Let us know if there is a particular location you would like us to canvas, or if we missed something on a map that is posted!

We are focusing on free and accessible works of art!

This project was inspired by my involvement in a public art installation presented by the Oceanside Museum of Art and supported by a grant from the James Irvine Foundation.  In my interview I was asked "How do you think art benefits society?".  It got me thinking about the value of public art, and the impact it can have on every one of us.  I truly believe that public art can bring us together as a society through the mutual and communal experience of it. There are public art efforts done by cities and large organizations, but much of the work is not documented where just anyone can find out about it.  Certainly not all destinations in a central location.  And where it is cataloged, they do not take into account the amazing murals, painted utility boxes, sculptures and other private efforts that appear in and around homes and shops.

I started purposefully walking the streets where I live and realized how wonderful it is to wander and really notice all the free and accessible beauty and art that surrounds us. I hope you use this storehouse of inspiration to draw out more awareness and wonder in your daily life, whether it be in your hometown or while traveling!

Happy Wandering in Wonder!