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puerto vallarta [2013]

just about to leave port... mom and gert did a city tour that looked really interesting. steve and i did a boat to snorkel to kayak to great margaritas and lots of boobies (the blue footed bird, get your mind out of the gutter) .

the water was pretty murky and there were tons of snorkelers on the marietas islands but it was sill an amazing spot. and steve said when he dove down 6 feet or so he saw rays and other great fish. i cant dive that deep with the snorkel plus the required life jacket tethered to my wrist.

but it was a woderful excursion and the staff was incredible - doing a big gangham style number as well as a kiss number. they put themselves out there!

i didn't realize puerto vallarta was so big. our excursion was the whole day so we didn't get to see the town.

pushing off ! we did see a few dolphins and a momma and baby whale earlier :)

tomorrow is cabo san lucas. no plans yet...

just 3 more days !