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Mom's Move [2016]

High School Reunion [2015]

... and visit with Mom, including my birthday with her for the first time in many years - I had a great 12 days!

Mom's Birthday [2015]

I had a nice visit with the family in chilly January.

Hello from Steel City [2005]

I'm back in Phoenixville now, until tomorrow when I head for London. Happily, Steve will be joining me there for my Sri Lanka crew reunion :) The past few days I spent in Pittsburgh, but unfortunately not enough time to hook up with any CMU alums. I did go out with Sheeler and Jack, though, for a night out in Philly which was a blast. But on the drive back to Philly from Pittsburgh, it snowed half way and rained the other half. You may ask "Brigid, does it normally snow before Halloween?". No. Makes driving a bit mmore hectic, but I got back to my folks' place safe and sound. In Pittsburgh, Steve and I found a great place up on Mount Washington, the Bella Vista and they ain't lying! We took the Duquesne Incline up, and sat by the window with gorgeous views of downtown and could watch the tugboats chugging down the Monongahela (which became the Ohio at the point).

I'll try to recap Costa Rica tonight -- so much to tell. Maybe I can upload some pics, too... the baby lemur and howling howler monkey shots are great!

I must say it is very weird to think that I have a job and a house in San Diego... it's been just over a month and I could definitely get used to this flitting about :) But I have just a week and a half left, and then I must get re-grounded. But not until then!!