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Updates from The Road

Miami! [2013]

We all made it safe and sound to Miami and had a lovely meal of appetizers and cocktails in the Sofitel bar. Match the cocktail to the reveler:

Mojito Caipirinha Whiskey Mai Tai

Tomorrow we get up early to go to mass at St Dominic's and then board the boat! There will be some repacking in the morning...


mojito = Steve caipirinha = Brigid whisky (actually scotch I think) = Gert mai tai = Mom

back to the mainland 2 [2005]


... And got henna ankle tattoos before finding the crusty local bar the deckhands had told us about :)

They had a casual blues band which was great and met some colorful characters including a few Irishmen. Don't worry - Steve has no reason to be jealous. On the walk home it seems the town was wall to wall with colorful folk!

We got up maybe a little slower than planned, and as I have been writing the traffic cleared up so we are cruising along on the seven mile bridge at a good clip

Next... Ft Lauderdale

Back to the mainland [2005]


We are currently in a traffic jam on the keys, going 30 mph... It might take us a few extra hours to get up to Ft Lauderdale.

We had a great night last night - checked into our cute guesthouse and walked down Duval St to the docks. Duval is the main drag full of shops and bars. We stopped in Jimmy Buffets bar and had a margarita (ok, 2).

The schooner we took out for the sunset cruise was an 80 foot tall ship. It was gorgeous and great company. Afterwards we used some 2 for 1 drink coupons and...

Driving down US 1 [2005]


This blackberry is handy - Anette is driving us down the Keys on our way to Key West. Weve been on the road just over 3 hours, probably a little over an hour to go.

It is absolutely gorgeous, with the ocean all different hues of turquoise... And smelling vaguely of sulphur. Weve got the top down on the black mustang, Anette with a bandana, me with my Montana cowboy hat :) We are stylin. Tonight we will do a sunset cruise on a schooner - should be a blast. We just reached Marathon... Gotta go!

Miami 2 [2005]

I guess the blackberry has a limit for how much you can write!

So we did the spaaaah and hit the beach. Tonight we will hit the bars and take off for the Keys early tomorrow!

Miami has been warm and muggy but not too bad. I did get bitten by something in the ocean ... Not sure if it was a jellyfish or, as the lifeguard thought, a little fish nibbling me!! But the swelling, tingling and itching is just about gone now, a few hours later.

Off to get ready - Ill touch bases soon!

Viva Miami! [2005]

Anette and I hooked up easily in Dulles and we started the vacation with a few hefeweisens. The flight to Miami was quick and the hotel, right on the oceanfront in South Beach, is a great art deco place. We had a pretty early night and got up this morning to bloody marys :) It started raining hard so we decided to pick up the car (driving down to Key West tomorrow). The sun came out while we were sampling some of Wet Willies frozen concotions over lunch before heading into the spa...