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Steamboat Springs - Days 1 & 2 [2014]

We had a bit of an adventure getting here - we had booked a flight starting in the tiny airport near our house, CLD, and they canceled the flight to LAX. So we were driven up, luckily he had a van as we had snowboards!

Got up there with ease - an accomplishment considering how the traffic can be! - and hung out in the United lounge til the flight. Posh! Now I get why people like to be members!! Flight to DEN uneventful. Oh, Steve beat me at cribbage :)

After a 45 minute wait for luggage and 40 minute bus/wait for the car we were on the road. The car guy said good luck getting to Steamboat - it will take you. 6 hours because it is snowing!!! Ugh.

The I-70 wasn't bad, tho it was a parking lot going east. The 9 at Silverthorne was ok, a bit of snow and ice but not terrible. The last 60 mile on US40 was very slow and slippery - all either hard packed snow or ice. Saw a number of cars that slid off the road into snow banks (all were being helped out). Oh, and did I mention there was a blizzard going on? Steve did a fantastic job driving, especially considering he didn't grow up in snow.

Finally got here, checked in, popped in a Mexican restaurant 2 minutes before the kitchen closed (yummy!) and collapsed.

Still snowing, and expected to continue through tomorrow afternoon. Good news for snowboarding but not good news for Steve's cousins that were going to join us, driving from Sacramento. TBD whether they will risk the trek.

Today we will get our bearings, explore the town and grocery shop!