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Leaf Peeping - Day 0: San Diego -> Boston [2014]

And so it begins! Busy logistical day. Kathy drove Mom to CT where Mom joined Gert for the rest of the drive to our greater-Boston facilitators Kevin and Mary Beth who will keep the car safe for the duration. Kathy took the opportunity to visit with Chris and Rob on the way back home :) Then Mom, Gert, Mary Beth and Kevin went to the downtown Boston hotel, the Boston Hotel Buckminster, a very cool old hotel. Meanwhile, Steve & I were on our transcontinental flight, enjoying our seats in the back of the 'bus' by the lavatory and playing cribbage (Steve won).

Kevin & Mary Beth let Mom & Gert settle in while they picked us up at the airport, and we all had a nice meal in the hotel restaurant.

Meanwhile, our thoughts go to Julie and Jay together at U of K for parents weekend! Football game tomorrow for them!