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entering the canal [2013]

it's about 5:30am and are approaching the canal. amazingly i got a spot on the corner of a 13th deck where i can see forward. there are tons of people up here, looks like many have been camped out for a while.  and there is 3g for my kindle!

i count 34 ships on this side of the boat that are waiting to go through the canal. apparently we have an assigned spot because we are proceeding according the schedule according to the 'poop' sheet, as mom calls it. there is a cruise ship ahead of us entering it first - probably the norwegian sun which is doing our same route at the same time! so we will see her in every port.

the sun is coming up now (celestial, not norwegian). so i can see that we are approaching a canal, as opposed to a bay which we entered a while ago. we have a small boat ahead, possibly a tug.