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a little longer if the signal holds out... [2013]

we had a fabulous day at sea after the panama canal day, recovering from a long and fascinating day in the sun.

the next day was costa rica. steve and i did a ziplining adventure first thing in the morning - very fun! there were 9 lines including one very long and very fast one that required squealing (at least i thought so).

afterwards we stopped at a souvenier shop and i may have picked up a shotglass for someone... they had fresh pineapple, papaya and watermelon, and some great juice and coffee. lovely. we got back to the boat about noon and waited under a canopy enjoying cold orange juice and water supplied by the cruise line and heat and humidity supplied by mother nature - both about 80.

mom and gert emerged about 12:45 and we were off to the bus, train, bus, boat, bus to cruise ship adventure.