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on the Railway to Hell (and Trondheim) [2009]

It was a cold rainy day in Hell... really!

We took the train from Åre to Trondheim, stopping in Hell, Norway on the way.

It's just a little place, but good for some pictures!

Trondheim was pretty amazing. First we stopped at a book store since there weren't any English-Swedish translation books in our little hamlet of Åre, but discovered the Scandinavian rivalry extends to book stores. They only had Norwegian, no Swedish or Danish or Finnish, except one little Lonely Planet book in the corner with all of them! So we picked that up.

Next stop was the Archbishop's Palace Museum, Crown Jewels and Nidaros Cathedral. Stunning cathedral - best I've seen, including Italy. We even got there just in time to hop on the last tower climb of the day, up lots of very skinny stone steps, to the top where there were gorgeous views of Norway's 3rd largest city, and we could look down at very cool gargoyles :) Fabulous. The one wall has 3 rows of statues plus a handful more on the towers, including St Gertrude and even a St Bridget (the Swedish one, not the Irish one). Stunning.

We got lost on the way back to the train station, which was a bit stressful, but it all worked out. Great day!