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Moosen! [2009]

We took a nice bike ride (about 6 mi) out to the moose farm, on the other side of Duved. We learned a bunch about moose in Sweden (they are like deer on the east coast, with a hunting season, sometimes regarded as pests, dangerous on roads) before heading down to the enclosure. It was a warm day so they were cooling off in the shade, and we were able to go in with them since they needed some coaxing and were very docile, instead of us being behind a fence :) Arthur was the most friendly and we were able to feed him small potatoes, which apparently are like candy for them! Very cool! Oh, and they make a great veggie pie!

Right next to the farm was a monument to the Karoliners, a group of Swedish soldiers that mostly died in the mountains when their attempt to take over Norway went bust and they got lost on the way home in the winter, in summer clothes. Unfortunately bugs that looked like lovebugs infested the area so I had a little screaming-like-a-girl fit running away from it, after admiring the beautiful view of meandering river and lazy farms.

Another very good day :)