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Disaster averted [2009]

So what would be the worst thing to lose on a trip like this? Right, the camera. Guess who did that? Well, ok I didn't exactly lose it - I knew I had left it on the bus soon after we were in the taxi to the airport and it went off wherever. Augh!! And since it was Saturday, the bus station office was closed, and the information line was only in Swedish, so I didn't even know what options to push to try to get to speak to someone!!! We were frantic!! Luckily we had met a couple who took the bus with us from Åre and they were held up at the bus station for a bit. It was a guy who had, oddly enough, played for Fresno State (Go Bulldogs! says Larry P), his Swedish wife and their adorable 4 month old. She was so sweet, she got on the phone, stayed on hold while we took 2 different cars to the airport, and by the time we met back up she had the good news that the camera had been found! She talked to the off duty driver and arranged to have our taxi run back and get it, and about 10 minutes before boarding I had the camera back in my hands! phew. I asked if it was a good passenger and the driver said he was happy to have a good story to tell the family at dinner that night! Thank you thank you thank you!