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Home again [2005]

Well, the trip home was fine... a little hectic in Singapore but in the end I made it home on the right flight, and as a bonus, my luggage was there too (of course on the wrong baggage carousel, though - it could not have been completely stress-free). I drove the 2+ hours home, was clean again and in my bed by 10.

The last night in Negumbo was great - not as wild as some of the earlier nights because we were missing 2 major instigators of wackiness, Joann and Damien who stayed behind in Kalutara when most of the rest of us went up to Negumbo. Unfortunately I stopped using the deet insect repellent one night too soon, and got 50 bites (no exaggeration) that last night - I think at the Italian restaurant. Anyway, I had decided not to go to bed (taxi was to come at 4:30am), so Gillian, Nia, Colin and Louise stayed up with me. At 4am Colin, Louise and I went in the sea for one last burst of craziness. Unfortunately my taxi was a bit early, so I rushed to change while Nia let the guy know I was coming, all the wet stuff went into the luggage (I had to check it - I wonder what the baggage handlers thought!) and I was still a bit sandy when I got on the plane!

I will definitely miss everyone - it was almost like a concentrated college experience. But this is one group that I think will keep in touch, and then there's the London reunion in Oct!

As far as i-to-i, I sent the US and UK coordinators an email yesterday, and will post any response I get onto this site. A number of you have mentioned to me that what I wrote last time was very disconcerting... I agree, and hopefully we can at least get some clarity on the situation.

I'll be posting my pics to . If you want to see them, but I didn't email you individually about it, feel free to drop me a line at and I'll add you to the list :)

Oh, and today I got some great news from the orthodontist - I can get my braces off!! It's scheduled in 2 weeks -- I can't wait!