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NZ day 2 [2000]

Well, I didn't snowboard today - I slept instead, which is probably for the best. But I definitely have to come back here - I love New Zealand! I ended up reserving the last seat on the last bus from Kaikoura to Christchurch. I spent my last few hours there in the Kaikoura Bar with some very friendly and incredibly amusing New Zealanders - Adam, Matt and Kimi. Adam has a killer imitation of Beavis' Cornholio. Hopefully the picture will turn out.

I slept most of the ride home, being woken up only when I smacked my head against the window as the driver zomed around some of the mountainous curves a little too quickly. We got home almost an hour early (of a scheduled 3 -1/2 hour ride).

I woke up at 6, in time to catch a shuttle to Mt Hutt, but decided I was too tired to risk my life on the mountain today. So I slept, until about 3pm. I think it was a good decision.

This evening, I had dinner at a great vegetarian spot - Dux de Lux. Tomorrow I'm off to Tonga, where I probably won't have any more email access. So I'll send the last update after I get home this weekend.

Just 3-1/2 more days :( Brigid