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Updates from The Road

Kenya [2000]



9/24 and 10/12 :

Fairview Hotel

 – 10 Bishops Road, Nairobi

Earthwatch Study

Saving Kenya’s Black Rhinos

, Ol Pejeta Ranch on Sweetwaters Research Centre – PO Box 167, Nanyuki

Flight Out

NBO-TNR 10/13 10:15am-2:30pm (Air Madagascar 739)

To See

Animals on Sweetwaters Game Reserve, Goodall Chimpanzee Reserve, Hike Mt Kenya, Nairobi


  • Nairobi – We stayed in Nairobi on the first and last nights – a very crowded and dirty city.
  • Sweetwaters Reserve – I stayed at the Sweetwaters reserve while doing the black rhino Earthwatch study. It was incredible!
  • Mount Kenya – To top off my Kenya experience, I climbed Mt Kenya – it was very tough and I got lost at one point!!