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Dublin, Belfast and Scotland [2000]


Since we last left our heroes.... we hit the rest of the Dublin top tourist sights - St Patrick's, Guiness factory, Book of Kells. All were very good, though not amazing. And a few more nights of authentic Irish music.

Yesterday we took a train up to Belfast - lots of beautiful farmland, sheep and cows. We wandered around Belfast for a few hours - it is really bustling, and reminded us of Pittsburgh in the 70s. No evidence that we could see of the troubles. Then we got on a ferry to Troon Scotland. It is a quaint little village on the Irish Sea. Good pizza. The traditional Scottish breakfast is much like the traditional Irish breakfast - plus a very dark unidentifiable patty. We believe it to be meat since Cindy got it and I didn't, but who knows. We took the train to Ayr to shop and wander around, and had lunch in a pub that is a renovated church. This afternoon we took a plane from there to Dublin, so tonight - musical pub crawl...

Brigid and Cindy