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What to do When Recovering

I might have shoulder surgery in a bit, and was looking into what I could do while I'm recovering. I've had back surgery and mouth surgery and mostly watched a ton of TV with those, which gets boring and feels like a waste.  I'm sure I will do some of that, but this time I'm looking for things that can give me a bit of satisfaction,  only involve the use of one arm, and can be stopped and started as I transition in and out of the haze of painkillers and naps. Here are some ideas:

  1. learn a language - Duolingo is free has short daily exercises
  2. Watch TED Talks
  3. Take free self paced classes by MIT
  4. Join online classes by Coursera
  5. Watch photography webinars
  6. In November, write a book in coordination with NaNoWriMo
  7. Learn how to meditate
  8. Read some free books in Google Books
  9. Research a topic in Google Scholar
  10. Blog about the injury -> surgery -> recovery process
  11. Do a daily photo challenge
  12. Watch movies and TV shows on Hulu and Netflix
  13. Take up a craft... but not sure how much I could do with one arm immobile

Any other good ideas out there?