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Rental Property - Renter Turnover

I was lucky enough to have the same renters stay for 5 years. They took care of the place, let me know if something was broken, minimal management. That's how I like it. I asked if they wanted a fresh coat of paint, etc. Nope, they were fine. So when they decided to leave I decided to spruce up the place. Below is the complete list of stuff I ended up doing, posting for reference in hopefully another 5 years when these new renters move on!

  1. Yard:
    1. trim trees & bamboo
    2. 16 bags of recycled rubber mulch for just the front yard
    3. treat fruit trees
    4. remove & replace back yard overhang
    5. replace cord for sprinkler control
    6. test and reset sprinkler schedule
    7. paint front gate
    8. spray down house and front wall
    9. spray down windows
    10. remove/hose/replace screens
    11. new under-house-access screen
    12. new security screen door and threshold
  2. House
    1. termite treatments - subterranean treated in garage and crawl space (no structural damage, 4 year guarantee)
    2. re-coat floor (10 year warranty)
    3. paint house (ceilings=ceiling white; walls=swiss coffee eggshell finish; trim & bath/kitchen ceilings=ultra pure white hi-gloss enamel)
    4. new toilet
    5. new kitchen light fixture
    6. clean and rehang curtains
    7. serious scrubbing of shower door
    8. new sick stopper hardware
    9. new tub stopper
    10. new garage door opener control
    11. thorough cleaning
    12. lamp on a timer
  3. Less than 6 months ago:
    1. new hot water heater
    2. new fridge
  4. Less than 2 years ago:
    1. new wall heater