Resolving the Ruckus

Proposition 3

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Authorizes Bonds to Fund Projects for Water Supply and Quality, Watershed, Fish, Wildlife, Water Conveyance, and Groundwater Sustainability and Storage

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Official Summary

Authorizes $8.877 billion in state general obligation bonds for various infrastructure projects: $3.03 billion for safe drinking water and water quality, $2.895 billion for watershed and fisheries improvements, $940 million for habitat protection, $855 million for improved water conveyance, $685 million for groundwater sustainability/storage, and $472 million for surface water storage/dam repairs.

Appropriates money from General Fund to pay off bonds.

Requires certain projects to provide matching funds from non-state sources; gives priority to disadvantaged communities..

Fiscal Impact: Increased state costs to repay bonds averaging about $430 million per year over the next 40 years. Savings to local governments, likely averaging a couple hundred million dollars annually over the next few decades.


Authorizes $8.877 billion in bonds, annual repayment cost of $430 million annually for 40 years. Savings to local governments likely averaging a few hundred million dollars annually.

Local agencies currently spend ~$25 billion, and the state ~$4 billion, annually on water projects.

Monies from previous bond measures, roughly $10 billion, is still available for water projects.

Vast majority of monies will be used for Central Valley.

Proposal (in Millions):

  • $2,495 - Watershed land projects, includes 50 subcategories and specific areas

    • $250M Sierra Nevada Conservancy, $60 M California Tahoe Conservancy, $100M San Francisco Bay Area Conservancy Program of the Coastal Conservancy, $180M LA-Ventura-Orange Counties, $40M San Diego River Conservancy, $215M State Coastal Conservancy, $150M Sacramento-San Joaquin Rivers, $320M Wildlife Conservation Board, $25M Coachella Valley Mountains Conservancy, $170M Dept Parks and Rec, $60M Dept of Conservation, $100M CA Ocean Protection Council, $200M Natural Resources Agency (Salton Sea Mgmt Program), $5M Delta Stewardship Council, $50M Urban Streams Restoration Program, $70M CA Dept of Forestry and Fire Protection, $15M Delta Protection Commission, $25M UC

  • $2,130 - Water supply, including:

    • $550 M rainwater collection/cleaning

    • $500 M drinking water cleanup

    • $400 M recycling wastewater and desalination

    • $300 M water conservation including turf removal, leak detection, toilet replacement

  • $1,440 - Fish and Wildlife habitat improvement

    • $400M for native fish in Central Valley, $300M for salmon & steelhead trout and $280M for migratory birds in Central Valley

  • $1,227 - Water facility upgrades

  • $1,085 - Groundwater management

  • $ 500 - Flood protection

    • $200 M to Central Valley Flood Protection Board

    • $200 M San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority

Many programs must have at least 50% matching local funds, except if project directly benefits a disadvantaged community or economically distressed area. Minimum 10% of funds shall be allocated for projects serving severely disadvantaged communities.