Resolving the Ruckus

Grant Hauber: Chamber of Secrets is Open

So, Trump supporters, what gives? You think we are whining? You think we are being 'sore losers'? What you are witnessing is the backlash against the ugliest use of divisiveness in the history of this country, short of the civil war. We are railing against racism, xenophobia, sexism, and the other horrors stoked by your candidate.

You think that is bollocks? Just look what has been unleashed in the first 24 hours after the election: swastikas, anti-semitic messages, a white guy telling an Asian woman, "we won, now leave my country", "white power" chants, assaults on Muslims, taunts against anyone not white, the KKK organizing a celebration rally. FFS, tell me there is not something wrong with that! Tell me the perpetrators of those acts were not emboldened by Trump. Also please tell me whether or not you support this? Or are you going to turn a blind eye on this, like when you voted?

Sorry, you cannot just select the "drain the swamp" meme, or cut taxes theme, you get the whole frickin' package when you vote for someone like Trump. And those of us protesting, posting these messages, and, yes, crying or even hiding out of fear are NOT FRICKING WHINING. We are scared to death for our country, for our communities, for our neighbors, for our friends, for our families - particularly those who fall into categories who seem to not be in favor in the Trump camp.

We do not want to see 50 years of civil rights progress thrown out in space of a few days. We are comforting our children of all ages who, for lack of a better description, saw "evil" win. You can talk all of these horrible things, lie, and still win. They are shattered. So people are trying to let you guys know we will not stand for this. This is beyond the electoral process. There is 50% (perhaps more) of the country that is not with you on this. So you don't get carte blanche.

The best way to get the things you want out of this election is to speak up and stand with your fellow citizens in denouncing the hate. Show you are with your countrymen. Show you believe in the laws and policies that gave people the right to vote, to marry, to work, to get paid for it, to not have to walk down the street in fear.

We need to see it, right now, from everyone who believes in these rights, before shit gets out of control.