Local Art Walk

Ryder Greyshock

Hello, my name is Ryder Greyshock, I am 13 years old and I am from Lake Forest, California. I began an interest in photography about four years ago, when I was given for Christmas, a small point and shoot camera. I used to go out with all of my friends and I would take all kinds of action shots, but the real reason that I did that so often was I had just caught the photography bug. So after a few years of small cameras and gopros, I decided it was time I buy a real camera and learn real photography. So I purchased a Canon 600d and between my photography class and the articles I studied I was able to comprehend the advanced techniques used to provide the stunning image that viewers look for. So I love to shoot colorful, mind blowing images that would stop a viewer or make them wish they were there. However over the years I haven’t I haven’t lost the passion for shooting action such as skateboarding or especially the ocean! I feel the ocean is my canvas; that is one of my favorite places to shoot.. When the waves are small and the skate park is empty I go on the hunt for curious, touching colors that move me and my soul. I was introduced to the art walk by my Digital Photography teacher, Angela Kiyono. She has been a great inspiration to me and always helped challenged me to improve. I would love to make Mrs. Kiyono proud and be able to show my work at the artwalk.