Local Art Walk

Rick Keene

I try and take advantage of all aspects of sunlight and its colorful and often mysterious effects to create unique works of photographic art that really makes you think.

It all started with my Dad taking pictures of us kids. Then it was me taking pictures of my kids. And while they didn't like it at the time, they now love being able to see those special moments in their lives that help them remember what it was like to be a kid.

For me, photography is a huge part of my life. Even when times are tough, what better way to get away from it all than by simply taking pictures of beautiful things. To do something I am passionate about ever since I was a kid is a dream come true. I've been taking beautiful pictures for years. Especially since the pristine Dana Point Headlands are my backyard and the Pacific Ocean is my swimming pool. I couldn't ask for better surroundings to allow my creative spirit to flow.

Add my fascination with nature, an eye for patterns, and deep understanding of light and its effects, and they all come together for making what I believe are truly unique and colorful works of photographic art that is worth sharing.

From Bakersfield to Balboa to Dana Point. My passion for capturing special moments in time has been there throughout. Photography to me is about so much more than just taking pretty pictures