Local Art Walk

Renée Garcia

As a biological anthropologist I work with human bones regularly. Though I have come to really appreciate the variation of forms within the skeleton, my drawings in color pencil and marker, include many of the skull. The skull carries some of the most interesting bones of the skeleton, but also demonstrates the variation in humans that are genetically based, but also tells the story of who we are. Our skeletons can show what we do from working, lounging or just being strong when we need to be. They tell the story of each of us.

I have taught anthropology at Saddleback College for 8 years, though throughout my life I have used art as my form of meditation.

My first commissioned piece was for Sargentos cheese company who sponsored a mural of Italian fishermen for San Diego's Little Italy community. The mural is 14' x 10' and the largest piece I've ever done.